It will be a little bit of everything possible to do here today I feel :)

Now we have been a little sick here at home and today it is better. So this weekend will be a quiet weekend for the both of us. Have been awake now in the night when my son has been sick. Today he feels well  🙂 

It will be a little bit of everything possible to do here today I feel. These days there is usually a lot done. It will work a lot with my music and with my blog, as usual, particularly now when there is news on the time.

Must go shopping for food soon, for it is noticeable that there is a budding little teen is here in the home. It takes more and more food every month, I feel which is really good. So it comes to structure up a good to be traded. 

The sun is shining here today so I’ll try to get some sunlight. 

Hope you have a good day

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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What makes an authority ?

It is possible to twist and turn on everything and it is exactly as some people do because they ignore the most important thing. They are so self-absorbed in their foraging that they are lying and spreading untruths to get what they want. Do not think about the future and that they are lying to large government departments. They are so busy on short-term solutions, and they are completely oblivious of what they are really doing. They are vengeful in a world that they themselves have created. They have not themselves done that which they should and they have anxiety. Then they create a private world for themselves to feel better. They punish other people for their own offending because it is easier to blame other people. They have had so many chances and they have not taken the chances they have received. It is every person’s responsibility to take the chances given. It is important to check what are your rights. 

They do not understand that they are listening to a man who will do anything and say anything that the person is sick. An authority should not listen to a person who has not been present for the have chosen this. As yourself choose to go with untruth in order to feel better when the real truth is not going to live with. Then it ignore it that is the most important and the real truth and facts are not regarded as important. It listened more, and thought of the one who immolates himself as a sacrifice.

It is so tragic that this game will get to wreak havoc as it does. What is interesting is that I will do everything in my power for the truth to come forward. Exactly as it was when my life spun. It is only a matter of time before it gets good again for the people involved. We adults have a responsibility towards our children. The children are the future. 

This time I am really amazed how everything has gone/

  • What makes an authority when they realize that they have listened to a person who has lied to them and that the authority has listened to the person? 
  • How can they listen to a person who has chosen not to be present and then blaming others for their choice? 

Now I’m wondering out loud here for I am trying to understand. What I understand is that this is complicated then it may not have gone to in the right way. What I understand is that it can go bad at any time when an authority chooses to believe the lie/

  • How do you get an authority to understand that they are listening to the lie? 
  • How do you get a authority to find out what is factual information when they refuse? 

The system is there to protect our children and the children are protected in a good way. There is nothing that I want to complain. I want to talk about when it is not right, and when the children suffer from the system instead of protected. 

This post is all about a good system when it works as it should and is really good for the children. It is about a system that destroys children when the system doesn’t work. 

The future need to revisit and review system defects to it to avoid that children suffer when the system deficiencies. 

Take Care of Each Other and never stop to fight for that system to be better .

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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When it comes to football :)

Has been a lovely today and I have been able to be outside for a part. Feels good that the sun had come out. It has been more work for me now on the latest but I hope it will even itself out good in the future. There is a lot to think about and arrange with my business and I am developing all the time. I also try to distribute my work in a good way. Important to get it as I want to get done clearly. Important to have structured up days good for then I can take a little longer breaks in the sun now that summer is coming. 

Tonight my son’s football training and they have finally started to play outside. It is great fun to follow my son in his development regarding everything. When it comes to football so I think he really has made great progress. He is really good and it has become very positive in the development especially now in the last training sessions. I remember when my son was little and we played football together. Now, I get to beware me so that I do not stand in the way when he plays football when he is shooting the hard shots  😛 

Tonight we will continue to check on a series that we started to follow on the computer it will be fun. It is so much smoother when my son can read the text on the movies and series so do not have to be in Swedish language all the time.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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Despite the rain and thunder lol :-D

It has been nice with one more day off it will be a short week so it’s soon weekend again. Hope you all have had a great day we have had a lovely long weekend here in Sweden. Despite the rain and thunder lol 😀 .Tomorrow it is school again for my son and I are going to work with my business. As soon as it is time to make the evening here. Think the days go fast now and it does nothing for when the summer comes faster. It is long overdue now.

I have cleaned a part here at home today while I have picked some washing. It is nice to move a little bit, for a change, especially now that I have a lot of work to do on the computer.

I have bleached the hair a bit not as much as I usually do, but I have only bleached 2 loops. Will see what I will do with them, have not decided quite yet. It’s fun to have something that just sticks out from my black hair , I think  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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Finally my blog started again :)

Finally my blog started again I have had a big help to upgrade some features. So today, I am happy and have new energy again. When things not running together  I get the first panic at the same time that I always know that everything will be alright 🙂 

Thanks to all of you who listen to my music : 

Soon, the songs in my next album will be finished so it feels great  😛 

So today it will be continue to work on everything again.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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I trust in myself and I know that my driving force is extremely strong

Now I have recovered from my tough workout the other day. What became was that I doubled both the time and the distance and route that I drove.Hihi it took a while before I regained my energy. It was also really fun that I got a bit sore  🙂 

There will be a lot of work with the data today and it feels really great that it goes as well as it does with everything. The best is that in the end, do everything by myself then I know that it gets done. I can also decide how and when I should be working. It is lovely to have the freedom and I feel great to live as I do. 

I still have many concerns and thoughts about many things right now in addition to that which is usual for me. There is no weirdness, but I may further modify my plans . It has become more work for me, however, it is nothing that is going to be a problem in the future. I trust in myself and I know that my driving force is extremely strong. Then if it means I get to sit and work many hours extra it is worth it in the end. I know that the work gets done and it is the most important.

Feels so wonderful for it goes well with the work on my next music album. Now it is soon finished. I feel it will be nice to release my new songs. It will be extra good for it’s songs that are very close to me. Closer than the previous songs that I have written. They are very emotional and there will be a crossroads in itself for me to drop them. 
I release them because it is a way for me to process parts of my past which was filled with darkness. 

It is also a way to be able to see how good my life has become today and what I have learned from everything that has happened. How I have evolved as a human being in the quest to find the person that I am today. Life is an ongoing process with many challenges along the way. I cross it with my drivers and with my future goals so it is now wonderful that I have and all the time working to have and maintain a good balance.

Now I’m going to continue to work here  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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