Which of my songs do you like the most and why ?


Thanks 🙂

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Thanks for your comment  and your lovely music Alex Persson :

Thanks for your comment and your lovely music Aran Wehby :


Thanks for you comment Tobbe Hvornum  and your great blog /

Den Rockande Kocken  skriver om tyngre rock i alla dess former in och läs hans blogg här : http://www.rockkocken.se 


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En blogg om om skönhet & inredning varvat med mer personliga inlägg som är helt ärliga och från hjärtat! En blogg vars syfte är att inspirera och motivera läsarna genom lätta texter och mycket bilder !


Thank you for your comment and your lovely music Sanne and Eg Nyberg  from the band Sun & The Rain Men :

New release  : Fall a Little Harder


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Started with Herb Juice :)

Worked a lot with the music and it goes forward. Today, I’ve sorted my songs a little bit so I’ll keep better track. It is great fun everything, even though it requires a lot of work 🙂 

It is now 5 day I’ve started to eat a little more healthily than I have done in the past. I have started with my sports porridge now again with a bit of extra good accessories. To eat porridge is, of course, according to me, perhaps not the funniest but I eat it for me health. It gets better everything when I exercise when I have a little better nutrition. I have also started with herb juice again to get more nutrition. It feels like my body can take the nutrients in a good way, is herb juice. The idea is also, that I should not have to eat so much meat. I love meat, but has great craving for meat, and it is alleviated when I take the herb juice then it seems to be the industry that your body is screaming for. My body does not take up nutrients properly. 

Now tonight I will sit and work with the blog and also with my music. I have also thought to have some time off also so clear.

Thank you for reading my blog and listening to my music :

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 🙂

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Dive On Me :)

Sit and work a lot with my music as I usually do. I also have some other things that I work with. So I have a lot to do all the time. It is as it is to live in creativity as I do now every day and I love every second. So pleased with my decision to focus more on my music. I’m also really happy of the changes made to my blog it feels new and fresh.

Soon so my health is better in all cases as it was before I tested a new medicine. It takes its time and it was a valiant attempt by me which did not work and it is sometimes. Then I have tried I think 🙂 

It is much easier now when I can decide my working hours then I don’t really know from day to day how much as I can. I can also take breaks and rest if my chronic fatigue attack me. It is harder if I’m out on another job. To be chronic fatigued is like to be morning sick all day and can dive on me the few days I stay up and is more alert.

A thousand Thank you for listening to my music and I work all the time for you to get more songs to listen to :

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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New Music Video from Prendel & LilD-Skenet Bedrar


These two rappers I think are absolutely amazing and their music has helped me and made me happy even in the darkest times. I remember a winter when I felt that everything in my life just plummeted. I have felt so many times but music has always saved me. When I feel big bad and is broken so I can’t create my own music but I get very passive. It was so good just then was that these rappers with their awesome music made me happy on days. I took walks and listened to them in my headphones. They are also very nice people and please. So now when I run one of Sweden’s largest musicblog and now when I also seen a lot online, so I felt that it was time to give back love to the amazing talented rappers. 

They are great sources of inspiration when I make my music. It allowed me to have the courage to do my music I am very shy really. My dream is to be able to be as immodest as they are in front of the camera. They make really good music and fantastic videos.

Subscribe to their Youtube channel so that you don’t miss anything new 🙂 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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Register you as a user here to keep you updated :)

It has been a great day, and I have written one of my songs. It was really fun and I felt that it flowed on as it should. So now I will continue to work with the other songs that I have on time.
Feels like a good workout when I have practiced the song. I have planned to even get started with my other workouts that I do on my exercise machines. I am very pleased that it went so well to move my blog to my own hosting and I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do. You may be happy to register you as a user here to keep you updated, especially now when I have so much on my way.
I’m trying to work directly in the morning, because then I started properly. It has been a while now that I have chosen to sleep in order to cope and there will be better work if I’ve got to sleep properly. I take each day as it comes, which feels wonderful 🙂 
A thousand Thank you for listening to my music and that you are following me on my blog. Thank you for registering on my musicblog.

Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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Hope you understand a little more now in any case :-)

I am so happy to have your own web hosting company and how the blog looks now. Sit and work with the blog today so it is really fun. It is much easier now that I have my new internet and it goes considerably faster. I am just in the start of the to think a little bit within a bit of practice in my everyday life and it will be fine then when I started to get into a little better in them. I now have only one song to write clearly then I have those that I will have with me for my album. This means that I need to get started and go from the period where I have written a lot of music to work more actively with step 2 in my creative process regarding my songs. It feels like I am coming out of some kind of bubble and it is just where I have been. In my creative freezon 🙂 

It is a very effective way I’m working on. What I have difficult with is to go into period 2. The actual transition even though it’s me who rule the roost. Therefore, it is important not to throw yourself into in period 2 without having to take some time off before. Then work is better in period 2 and I will cope in a completely different way. When I previously wrote one song at a time and then recorded it and released it directly then it worked really well. Now when I have written the several songs at the same time so I have a different way of working and the need to rest the more.
I like to do the same things periodically so that I can truly deepen my and to be able to use my super focus that then emerges. It is nice when I can get the space that I need to immerse myself properly in my creativity. It is the transition between my fördjupningsperioder which I think is annoying. The change itself and that I am often quite elaborate after I enhanced me. Why is rest so important for me 🙂 
Many are wondering why I wears me out in my periods and think that if I took it calmer it would be better. Why I do so much when I do things and the speed. So here it is, everything is already in the periods much like a train that you don’t know when or if it will. When the train comes, you want, of course, with however, you never know how far the train goes and when you will have to go by. Will the train go again ? When will the next train?
I don’t take the train, so there will be nothing done. Often get asked why I do nothing for several days then do it all in one day? The answer is that when I do things so I’m tired and can’t be bothered for there is nothing that I can control over. When I do everything on the same day then a week later is that I can and have the energy and know that I do not know when I will be alert next time and have the energy. Many think that I’m not going to rip out of me the day when I have the energy and that is why I can’t be bothered other days. Stuff is that I can’t change what days I am more tired and do not but it is what it is morbid.
To take the opportunity when I’m more alert and simply because I am a driven person who wants to get things done so I think it is smart to take the train when it comes. The train has the energy and motivation and joy. The train is my opportunity and many others who have it like me to get things done. Get everyday life to work. Felt I needed to mention this because it is problematic to understand hope you understand a little more now in any case 🙂 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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