Development Of This Technique

Especially good day my son and I had today this Saturday. A real mother and son day, it has really been. We often have a lot to talk about and we usually have deep conversations about life. We went to walk and was in a cosy restaurant. The day was also about to get my phone repaired so that I can give my son his first cellphone soon. Many think that it is far too early for a guy in my son’s age to get a mobile. For me it’s about what the actual cell phone used in for the purpose. I’m thinking that there are so many good games/apps where I can learn different things. But it is the most that I’ll be able to call to him and that he can call me. Different families have different purposes and I also think it is great that he gets to hang out with in the development of this technique. 

My son has always been very good on mobiles and to download the game and make different folders. This is such that he will have the benefit of in the future. He helped me with my mobile force to sort and put apps in different folders. What I have learned about computers and mobiles when I was younger has helped me a lot now when I’m older. I know the basics and it is something that I can’t so I am a bit of a problem solver, so I can often find a solution to it which is basic.

Today we bought a new cover glass to my mobile. My mobile is starting to become worn and the glass was about to come off as it is glued. But I am happy with my mobile phone and intend to keep it for a while. Already know what the next mobile that I will get is so I keep myself updated. It is really nice to be able to work with my mobile phone now again I have had another is now temporarily when the mine has been in repair vacation. Important to have good patience there and make sure that the end result will be good 😛 
Should take the opportunity now to get to work a little bit now with the cell phone for this wonderful day that has been 😛
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 screenshot_2017-05-20-22-16-45.jpg
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Bought one of those Spinners to my Son

It has been a lovely day and it has been very good things that have happened. A thing ordered other things that I needed to get organized. Bought one of those Spinners to my son who was really happy. 2017-06-14 20.05.10Haha 😛  it’s not just my son that thinks it is big fun. 

The idea today was that I would work with the computer, but since I arranged with a bunch of other things so it may be now. Because it is myself who decides how many hours I work with my things, so it is easy to adjust the time. But I like it when I have a good structure in it as I do for when I get more done. Now it was my mobile phone that needed to be fixed for the I work with on my own. Work with a mobile which I am not accustomed to take both time and effort so I decided to fix my mobile. It went really well as soon as everything is in order again 😛 Given that it is a new computer that I need so it was not planned, that the cell phone would break. But now I’ll correct everything and get properly with the backup on both my mobile and computer. It is a must that they should work.

Had a bit of a time constraint before, but now I feel it will go really well. This day corrected to much and it was my goal for the day. So I am so satisfied and happy as one can be. The days that it happens a lot, but to be this good is quite Amazing.
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n



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I Knew I Was LOST but it was only a matter of time ;)


Now things happens exactly as I want it to be. Sometimes plans will not be as you expected but it does not mean that it is something bad. But you can turn something bad into something good. It is possible to make everything better if you are stubborn and surround yourself with the right people around you. It’s about to open your soul a little for those who you trust and who understands. To never give up and do not a thing so will other things but it comes to find them.

When you are growing up it is a lot of requirements that you should be able to do, a lot of things on various topics that you then make lot of tests for it if you can.. It is all the time a lot of assessments. I’d much rather learn that I am good enough as I am as a person. I had rather learned more about emotions and how I would deal with them.. I’d rather learn more about the different situations in life that occur and how to in a healthy way can handle them. I had rather learned more about me as a person. Who I was and how I acted. But it was all the time on the that I would learn to not be me.

I was forged to be like all the others, and I was easy to control when I didn’t know who I was. My life has been like many others but we are all different people. We experience situations in different ways. We all have different perspectives and tells of similar events, but not completely verbatim. Most important is how I will proceed in what I want. When I am focused it is not that I am disinterested in other people or that it shall appear that it is me, myself and I all of the time.

It’s about self-respect towards yourself, and it’s not about being egocentric and egoistic. It is about drawing clear boundaries both towards other people and towards yourself. So before you think that I am egoistic and egocentric so should look at yourself, think through how you are as a person. Instead of being jealous of me so take care of yourself instead. Do not come to me and whine because I don’t have time and it is about self-respect.

It is easier said than done and it is a long process to undergo at the same time as it is about that you get to remind themselves of how and how they want to live their lives. Everything became easier the day I learned to seek support and to hang out with people who would never accuse me of being egoistic and egocentric, that I live as I do and that it is good to think of yourself. Surround yourself with strong people who are strong in themselves and confident that I never will questioned because I take care of myself.


Hell Yeah when I started to ignore the other’s envy, so my life has become much better 😛
The fact is that many are so quick to judge when its not so good but many are not there then when it goes good. Then they should not have been there from the beginning. I thought so often when I was younger and felt and heard that ” she has the do not track ” …..
One day, I will show you everything that’s flown around and seen that I do not have control on ….
She starts lot of projects and she just talks all the time about a lot of things she should do. She sings bad and think that she is something!…….What will become of her?


I can tell you that already then it looks like I have an eye on something so I try for I want to and I’m stubborn. It takes me on. To complain about someone who ”sings bad ” is so ridiculous. I practice the for the hell

I knew from the beginning that I had no control of all of the projects that I started and I knew I was lost. I knew it would take time, but I knew that I could do it. When I show other people that I am a bastard of it as I do when I find the thread and when I find security in it as I am lost in so it will be more than good. It is not possible to be good at everything but you can try.

It is so frustrating to want so much but not having the ability to be able to do what you want. When other people are on and complains when you try so it will be not better. Therefore, I have set up rules to hang out with strong people .

Strong people lift you up and see you as a human being. They don’t have to like everything you do but they have so much stability in themselves that they do not need to supress you when you have your worse Days.


 What I mean and like with this post, is that you my readers will get a little food for thought regarding what which are your closest people. Also not to forget that you are the person who is closest to you.


Take Care of Each Other …… 20170528_093826.jpg

But don’t forget yourself……


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Wonderful Parrot and Peaceful Weekend


It is a lovely and peaceful weekend with my son and with my most wonderful friends. We are like a big family and there is so much love that I am extremely grateful for. Also got a stronger bond to a new friend yesterday which feels awesome and it warms my soul so much. Imagine what wonderful parrots can be and also very stubborn. Hihi just like I am 😛 Will continue this Saturday with structuring up some stuff so it will be a little more order. It is easy to I write down my thoughts on paper to remember them but they will not help if they are not taken care of then. It is so that I get done what I want to get done.

 I have a new album cover to make for my next  song write lyrics and structure them up go to the studio and sing into one of my new upcoming songs

These points are only a small part of all that I have to work with in the future but I like to work with many things at the same time. It works great when I get to work alone and add up how I should use my time. It is then I make the best work and are at a good balanced enerigi level. Often get told by other people that I have good self-discipline and that I know exactly how I operate. I agree with what others say about me at the same time I think that I am constantly evolving in just to teach me further in how I work. How I think and feel there is a long history, so that we take another time. But I have trained and worked to be able to have the structure that I have today. I feel good to live as I do so structured but so liberating.

A thousand Thanks To All of You who Listen to my Music and follow me MinikeGirl here on my blog 😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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Sing Along Just Do It :)

Well I’m not directly any shorts person, that you can see here in the picture. My arm has been in the sun but not my legs. Would be happy to have shorts when sometimes but bruised one of my legs the other day so I don’t want to have it wounded more in the sun now either. It has been a glorious weekend with a touch of everything.

Wonderful that it has been so hot and sunny the whole weekend. Many have been swimming this weekend. Here i’ve been grilling, with lots of delicious food and I have gone walking.

When I sit and work this much as I do with the computer and the internet, I learn very much about how the internet works. I can more and more effectively use the time to work with it as I want to do. I get all the time new ideas and thoughts on how I should further develop everything that I work with. It is so exciting but it is really a lot of work behind. I like that all the time to see different possibilities. The coolest thing is that I feel that I just is in the beginning to build up all. It will probably always be so for there is always something to do with my music and with my blog. It is liberating to be able to live in a real virtual world that’s true. It feels absolutely incredibly wonderful that I have found a platform where I can be and get out my creativity. This is one of the things that I’ve been looking for all my life. 

It is easier to accept that I can have little bit more difficult for some everyday things that most people have. When I stand and my brain can’t figure out something, witch for many other people is a simple mathematics speech so it does not feel hard anymore.

When I’m not stressed so I can do very much things and have many balls in the air. It’s all about having balance in everything which is a recurrent fact.
So when I stand and ask about the easiest stuff that you think is so simple, it might not easy for me when I ask. It may seem that I’m insecure but I know how I tick and I am sure that things will become right. So my science in how I work and my ambition in that I want things to be right can be perceived slightly different by other people.

It may be that it seems like I am taking a simple way through that question things that I Always ask about.

It may seem like I am insecure and do not dare to trust myself. It is just the opposite. I trust myself but I also know that if I get some help with the ”simplest ” little things so my balance will be more whole.

When it hangs and I get a little blocked and paralysed so I tend to accept that it is so. Other people may like to think that I’m not capable of ”simple stuff” as they always can. I know other things they can’t and I’m proud of it as I can. I am proud of what I do. The problem before was always that I felt that all the others could so much more than what I could. They could so much more.

When everyday life becomes a life where the only is to watch and do as all the others and it is precisely that which was difficult so taking it stops there for many people.
It become a vicious circle and many people feel terribly bad about to feel that : Why can and understand all of the others here but not me ?
But I can sing well don’t go around and sing and say to other people listen and mimic me : It is just to listen and sing along.
As hard as many of you would have to ex sing as I can.
I have with many of the everyday stuff that you think is so easy that you not even consider that it ex /
  • simple mental arithmetic
  • go and shop
  • have the energy for a whole day
  • able to do all of these small everyday stuff which takes a lot of energy if it is not planned well

It is really good for the people who can cope and actually thrive with the living on their way. I was forced in a way to live as I live today, but now I enjoy it. I accept how it is. Just keep in mind that we are all different and we can different things. I don’t sit with my hands in the cross and never want to learn anything new, but I’m trying and interested in learning new things. But I also know my limitations. Instead of not having tried, so I always want to try and give most things a chance.

My strengths works best when I get some time to sort new impressions and routines. I would like to work more enhanced in the everyday lives of ordinary people in the future. I have so many everyday tricks, and I am very good at structuring up and see what works together and not. This not is not of importance always. It is a part. I will come back more with this subject in the future. I’m a kind of template regarding this and I need somehow to develop my thinking and come up with something, a good way to be able to teach it in practice to other people.

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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Gorgeous Flower


Gorgeous Flower, which struck out in its beautiful color. I’m no flower expert so I thought it would take one more day before it would be so beautiful.

After a lovely and wonderful weekend as I continue with it as I usually do. I think it’s so amazing that blogging here, and at the same time be able to live in my dream regarding creating music.

Feel that there soon will be a period where I will write many new songs. Maybe write 10 new tonight or tomorrow already, who knows hihi   😛 
Have 12 of my own songs out on Spotify right now and it feels absolutely incredible and I am so grateful for all the nice feedback that I get all the time of all of you who listen to my music. Many think that I have a lot of good songs that they can relate to. Many think I’m a good singer/songwriter and the most important thing is that I love to write and sing.
A thousand Thanks to you all who read my blog and listen to my music. You are the best in the World and I love you all so much 😛 

 Take Care of each other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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