I is also for me a mystery which I find very interesting and I love to be me.


Played out my 14 song yesterday 😛  .It was really fun and there is always a new challenge for me. I never know how my senses are the days that I shall record but it has gone well so far. Sometimes I have good focus and other times it takes a little longer for me to get it as I want it. But it is enough for most people. So it is with creativity and there is nothing that can completely control. Sometimes it will fully automatically, and sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Some days I can write a lot of music.

Other days, it can’t write a line of text. But that is the way it is and I like that it is so. I have very many thoughts about a lot and I have a good imagination. It helps me when I write my music and work is not a thing, then I try something else. I have an internal strong performance anxiety where I know how I want it to be. I struggle all the time to achieve the achievement that I have fixed. I know how I want it so I’m tough on myself. Know that the end result always makes me more than satisfied regarding my music.

Therefore, it is worth that I am tough on myself. I know exactly what I want and how hard I can push myself when it comes to the music. Sometimes so close I only of all things, and I get blocked in it as I do, and it can be about anything. But I’ve learned to deal with this in a good way so it will not be any big problems. I have good self-awareness and I’m not ashamed to tell other people when I become blocked in my senses. Those who know me see all the time that I am trying to in spite of everything. I am a person who needs a lot of time and repeated routines that suit me so therefore structure the I up the a good everyday. A weekday where I in a smart way all the time fix the small things that make everyday life simpler for to be able to constantly do it as I do. Adapt to the outside world as good as possible but also to be able to be yourself as much as I can 😛 

 I have not always liked myself as a person and how I have acted. I have acted wrong many times in pure frustation in that everything I did was wrong all the time. Finally, was there anything that was the only thing that I knew. It was something that became my false sense of security. When it was something that I actually did well so it felt like I was not worthy to be good. Then I acted wrong instead of that it was my false sense of security. This was not a healthy behavior and I drew to me the wrong kind of people. People who were like me, and I felt respected in all the chaos that constantly arose. It was like to be living death and to be totally outside the society in which I feel like a part of nowadays. I had to accept myself at the time and I had no choice. It was a hell to me, for I could not control myself. The road to the person I am today has not been easy but I’m very proud of the person I have become. I think about myself today and I know who I am.
Maybe I can’t explain in words who I am but I can tell you that I think about myself. My new I, I have not had in so many years, so it’s new to me. I know what I want and I know what I can do. I is also for me a mystery which I find very interesting and I love to be me.
Amazing to get to experience it as I do with everything today. I am so grateful that I never gave up. I am grateful for all the people who believe in me.  screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpg
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 
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I’ve tossed a lot of stuff :)

Woke up with a good feeling about that I’ll work with my music today. Yesterday, I went and trained a bit it was a while ago. What is important is that you are moving especially after a break. To get started breathing in a good way. Now I have furnished finished one of my rooms so that it has become a good study. It feels good to finally have gotten it and that it is the orderliness. I have really cleared away a lot of things in my home to be able to constantly keep it standard as I want to. It will be much better energy in one’s home when there is too much stuff that bad energy can get stuck in. It is important for me, as are medial all the time to have good energy in my home. Also like that it is easily cleaned and that surfaces. Have often heard that I do not have so many furniture and not so many trinkets. It is a choice that I have made, not to accumulate a lot of things because I know how it can be. Think that it is enough to have advanced the most to use. I’ve tossed a lot of stuff and will continue with it. Have a very good system which facilitates very much to be able to throw away that which I do not need  😛 


Now I’m going to take and continue to work for today, so stuff happens, I can promise  😛  screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg





Now I have a cd cover as I will be working with as is to my new song. It is a bit to arrange to be there, but I am soon finished. It is really fun because I can see which countries like my music the most and they are not always as you may think. I am so grateful for all of you people who listen to my music and read my blog. I get so many nice words from many of you. Soon so there will be more songs here : 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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Pure Survival Instinct

Soon it is time for me to record on my next song and it will be really fun, It is a song in Swedish, and I did almost finished the cover yesterday. It is cool that I do the covers myself, for it is something that I did not think was so simply that I, in the beginning. Most of it is probably because I lack patience when it comes to stuff like that. Rather have done them yourself than to be someone who is professionals. It’s fun to dare to be creative in areas that are new to me. I don’t even have to wait on other people to do the covers. 


I Think that it is much easier to have as few people involved in my creativity.So it is lovely and very promotion to control all by yourself. Then there is my Webmaster and my MusicProducer who are the ones who stand me the closest regarding my creativity. They are people who understand me and respect me as a person. They understand often how I think, which few people do. They know that my motivations are strong and they give advice and tips but always say that it is I who decide in the end. I also ask them what they think is best  😛 


It is a fact that I expose my soul through my music and through my blog. It has not always been the case that I have been in such good contact with my soul and with my feelings. Some periods I have been so jaded that I have not known anything at all. Other times, I have felt everything I can feel and everything has been helter-skelter. I have lived in periods where I have closed off all my emotions as pure survival instinct. So I have not always been here, it has been a long and tough journey for me. 

I work every day with myself to all the time be close to my feelings. I can at the same time that I am completely uncaring, in a case know how much of that time in another case. It is when my energy runs out that I can’t keep everything in balance and it is then that I fall together. The blog and my music are very important building blocks for me. It also means that I and my son can live as we do. Working from home as I do means that I can decide my working hours, which will be many hours of the day. 


Yesterday, I cooked really good food. Scallops with seafoodmix. Fantastic good  😛 . Yummy with all these lovely tomatoes in the spices and cream. 
Have the best my wonderful listeners, and readers  😛 
Take Care Of Each Other  
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 
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Yesterday I worked from 07:30 – 20:30 and it means that I went up at around 05:00 in the morning :)

Yesterday I worked from 07:30 – 20:30 and it means that I went up at around 05:00 in the morning. I was quite tired after the session but I was tired in a good way. So today, I’ve slept well and feel ready for the day. It has been good to work now in the summer and now I go from having worked on the schedule to stand in the encirclement. Now it is important to take a few days off to gather energy. When you are  creative as I am  it can be difficult to not do anything but to rest and take care of your  health is actually among the most important thing you can do. Everything need not happen in a day and all these thoughts that go around in your brain goes with a lot of practice to tame. Right now I’m practicing my singing voice haha it goes a little this and that with it, I sit down and write at the same time. I’m thinking about a lot of things at the same time and drinking coffee.

 I’m going to take and plan in the nearest time in my calendar so that it becomes like I want to. It would be good if I had a calendar haha it do I need to buy, I see this 😛 

I have a regular calendar but I need a larger calendar where I get a good place to be able to write much on each day. I’m extremely picky when it comes to the right to buy the calendar but I know wich one that  I want. 
Hope you have a good day my lovely listeners and readers : 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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To record more of my songs that I have written :)

Changed some plans yesterday so this Sunday I got to plan about. Sometimes there will be some changes in my planning. So yesterday I cleaned the I and today so I have done a little bit of food. The idea from the beginning was to continue to clean but I have time to continue now in the week. Did really good food just as I’m sitting and eating now  😛 20170820_125436.JPG20170820_125241.JPG 

Amazing what you have access to to be as creative as I am. Even if  I am  not the best at what I do  it will be often good if I believe in myself.

In the near future which will, it is time for me to work more with my music and to record more of my songs that I have written. Because it works so good for me to work as I do so I will continue with it. There is no reason to change what works. This time, I dont  change to anything but even so I have a lot of challenges left that I will fight for. I have a lot of things that I want to get into the daily routine and I have almost succeeded with it. It will be a challenge and I will have to fight to get where I want but it will be worth it. The funny thing is that I already know now that I will be successful with it as I want to. Is about to give myself time and a day so I am there quite easily  😛 

A thousand Thanks to all of You who Listen to my music. Now I have 13 songs out on Spotify: 

Have the best my listeners and readers 

Many hugs Minike  😛 screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg






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MinikeGirl singer songwriter

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nYesterday it was a working day for me and then I get up around 5 o’clock which works fine. It is just in time for when I have time to wake up to before my work. This means that I am very tired in the afternoon when I finish at work, but it works. When I came home yesterday so I got to thinking that there is a day tomorrow because I have some things that I want to get done. It is important to be able to put a stop to yourself sometimes. 

What you want to do is not always what you really need to do. They are often things that you can’t do because of the many different factors that come into play. There is also much that one can do, but I have, as a rule try to prioritize it as I have a feeling for. It needed to be done, but that is not so fun, I try to do when I have a good feeling about it. It is so that I build up better and better motivation for the things that I first thought was boring.

It is about constantly getting better and better emotions regarding that which has first been so boring and where motivation is lacking. It is all the time about working up a good motivational plan that is sustainable in the long run. I like the long-term objective, especially when it comes to various chores in even everyday life.

I am a single mother and I can’t clean my home while I wash the car and shop. But I can make about everyday life, so that it adapts to what I’m bothered and have time. It is all the time about structuring and change dagsplaneringen how much energy I have. This is tricky but it is important to do as I do. It is I who go and rest those extra hours when it may seem like there is much to do. It is I who wakes up rested and sometimes do everything that I have not had time to do in a week for a few hours when I sleep. 

I prefer working a little harder when I have had rest and some ”must-haves” will be a little harder to perform as I have expected. For when I’ve got to rest so I am very strong so even though it that I’m doing become heavier so there is no problem.

It is important to have the ability to be able to understand that the time is not always enough and that it has more power than you think with regard to their well-being. It’s all about having reasonable demands on yourself. Thoughts about all the other makes and is like any other is completely wrong statement according to me all other is not like any other. Then you can see the general similarities so clearly. It’s just so terribly weird for me.

  • But when I get to hear that I’m not like all the others so I would like to have the name and social security number of these Alien -people?
  • Of which designed you really on the and I am I, it should be enough? I am medial and wondering so much about this phenomenon for when you utter that everyone other is doing , thinking, think , have , so I don’t see these people around you?
  • Neither in human beings or Spirits?
  • Not in different energies?
  •  What is it that you see that I’m not seeing?
  • And how can you know what people think of it and have it at home? 

 What you see is different people’s facades as they choose to show on the outside. Then, you feel the some people more than others. But I really find not these Alien-People that has the namn ”All The Others ” .  A definitely a new case for the series X files  😛 


If You will find these ”all the others” so you are welcome to contact me it is very exciting  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl   😛 


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