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Think it is a good weekend and I have been working with computer now throughout the morning. Finally become clear with so much. It’s stuff like work that requires a good focus so it was good today. It comes to catch itself in its own pace.

Have also taken the opportunity to shop for some beauty products as one of my Secret Facebook friend highly recommend. So when my products have arrived, you will see what it was for something exciting 😛 

Right now, I’m working with many projects at the same time. Thank you all who listen to my music. I have now 13 songs out on Spotify, which feels absolutely wonderful  :

 The New Release /

Änglarna Beundrar :

Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Thanks to the studio in Falköping as all of this is possible :)

Now I’m soon on the way to my work. I’ve had a weekend where a lot has happened. It has been good with some new projects started. It may take the time it takes. I have recently released one of my songs :

So now it is time to soon start to record my next song. It will be fun and it will be amazing. It is also a song that I wrote in Swedish. I like to do it that I know of regarding my music, so it is great to be able to do that, I simply want to. I am independent and free in my creation, just as it should be 😛 
I have received such nice words of all my songs and it is a great merit of the studio that I use. I use the best studion and I recommend it to all of you who love music and want a very good studio to go to. Falköping is the right place and the answer to all of your questions about where  I was playing in my music .
It is so worth it and it is worth going around the globe to record your music here :
I record my music in my town where I grew up 
It is an amazing experience and it is Thanks to the studio in Falköping as all of this is possible. 
Take Care of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n
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Chester Bennington

In the most difficult times in my life so I have always listened to Linkin Park so it is with great sadness that Chester Bennington has died. I have always thought that Chester is an absolutely phenomenal singer, and his voice has always come from his soul. It makes it extra hard that he is gone. But Chester will always be in my heart for it is his voice and the whole Linkin Park as many times as described in their lyrics that I can relate to. I love Linkin Park I have done for as long as I can remember. All these wakeful nights when I was not feeling good that I listened to Linkin Park and all those wonderful days that I am listening to Linkin Park. There are few people who can put such an impression on me and who can describe my consciousness is so incredibly good that Linkin Park has always made and still makes with his Divine Music. I am devastated how it has become.


Love you Chester Bennington and I will always remember you :

A thousand Thanks for everything Chester Bennington you will be missed but never forgotten. Linkin Park’s music has saved me many times and will continue to do it. Will miss Chester and his voice so much in future but iam going to play all your Lovely songs when you sing. I will do it now and forever. Sending so much Love to all of you in the Linkin Park now when ye are in grief and to all you others who are grieving.
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl
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New RELEASE Listen HERE :)

_20170706_071513 (1)

It feels absolutely fantastic that I now have my new song out.

ÄNGLARNA BEUNDRAR ( Angels ADMIRE) on spotify  😛 . 




It has been a good day and I’ll wake up early tomorrow and go and work.

This means that I need to sleep soon hihi 😛 

So I wish you all my lovely Listeners and readers a pleasant evening.

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl



My new release listen here :


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I write my own songs as a singer/songwriter :)

It has been a Lovely weekend att work and today I am free. Had intended to sleep late but woke up relatively early and got up when I woke up. So I have had time for much this morning. Sure, I’m free but I like to go and clean up and get some order. You may take it as you want and can cope with. Think it feels okay.

_20170706_071513 (1)Soon to be released one of my next songs it can be today or in a few days. It is always fun to have new songs on the way to be released  😛 .

Soon I have 13 own songs out, which feels absolutely amazing. I am a singer/songwriter and love to have the ability to be able to write my own songs. It feels wonderful that I have found my way where I can get out my feelings.

My music is based on a lot of emotions and I do my thing. I have a good creativity when it comes to the very and there is an art to be able to allocate the creativity right. Creativity is something that I can not order on the record exactly, but it must come from within. I find it difficult to churn out creativity and it is something that I do not.

Here are my 12 songs that I made and which you can listen to :

Take care of you my dear listeners and readers

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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Very good seafood sandwiches :)

I now have 12 of my songs out on Spotify and it is soon to be one of my next song  _20170706_071513 (1)to be released 🙂 . A thousand thanks to  you  all my listeners  🙂 

Been a wonderful day at my work and now I am free 2 days. I have planned to rest and work with my own business. Have just eaten two very good seafood sandwiches. I am a real seafood enthusiast 😛 20170711_174438.JPG

Big good to eat properly now when I’m going to sleep soon. I tend to think that there is a day tomorrow, and I distribute it as I want to do good. It is not good to work when you are too tired, but it is important to know when it is time to shut down the computer.

Have the best my lovely listeners and readers

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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