Summer begins when it is Midsummer :)

In Sweden we celebrate midsummer. I have chosen to celebrate the very quiet, which is usually my choice at the holidays. But I feel the best of it and is quite happy to have it quiet. Today I have slept a bit longer in the morning which is really lovely. For me, it feels like summer begins when it is midsummer, and not at all that half the summer has been. My son is on the adventure and have big fun. So this weekend I am free.
Wish you all a HAPPY MIDSUMMER 😛
I have started to work on my summer work now, where I usually work in the summer, but where I also stand as a stand in person. It feels really inspiring and good. I love it and think it is a very rewarding job to work with people.
Big fun that so many of you listen and follow me on Spotify. I am so grateful and glad that you hang out with me on my music journey. Here are my 12 songs and I have more on the way :

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl img_20170510_085134.jpg 😛








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Wonderful Parrot and Peaceful Weekend


It is a lovely and peaceful weekend with my son and with my most wonderful friends. We are like a big family and there is so much love that I am extremely grateful for. Also got a stronger bond to a new friend yesterday which feels awesome and it warms my soul so much. Imagine what wonderful parrots can be and also very stubborn. Hihi just like I am 😛 Will continue this Saturday with structuring up some stuff so it will be a little more order. It is easy to I write down my thoughts on paper to remember them but they will not help if they are not taken care of then. It is so that I get done what I want to get done.

 I have a new album cover to make for my next  song write lyrics and structure them up go to the studio and sing into one of my new upcoming songs

These points are only a small part of all that I have to work with in the future but I like to work with many things at the same time. It works great when I get to work alone and add up how I should use my time. It is then I make the best work and are at a good balanced enerigi level. Often get told by other people that I have good self-discipline and that I know exactly how I operate. I agree with what others say about me at the same time I think that I am constantly evolving in just to teach me further in how I work. How I think and feel there is a long history, so that we take another time. But I have trained and worked to be able to have the structure that I have today. I feel good to live as I do so structured but so liberating.

A thousand Thanks To All of You who Listen to my Music and follow me MinikeGirl here on my blog 😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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Gorgeous Flower


Gorgeous Flower, which struck out in its beautiful color. I’m no flower expert so I thought it would take one more day before it would be so beautiful.

After a lovely and wonderful weekend as I continue with it as I usually do. I think it’s so amazing that blogging here, and at the same time be able to live in my dream regarding creating music.

Feel that there soon will be a period where I will write many new songs. Maybe write 10 new tonight or tomorrow already, who knows hihi   😛 
Have 12 of my own songs out on Spotify right now and it feels absolutely incredible and I am so grateful for all the nice feedback that I get all the time of all of you who listen to my music. Many think that I have a lot of good songs that they can relate to. Many think I’m a good singer/songwriter and the most important thing is that I love to write and sing.
A thousand Thanks to you all who read my blog and listen to my music. You are the best in the World and I love you all so much 😛 

 Take Care of each other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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Sushi Weekend with Strawberries

screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpgIt has been a lovely weekend with a lot of events and also a amount of peace and quiet.

I’ve recorded my next song in the studio, which feels absolutely wonderful.

We have planted the flowers and it has been a lot of football.

Yesterday we went to a restaurant and bought us food home. Was really cozy last night when I ate Sushi which is so good 😛 

Sat a long time, ate and talked. My son can eat with sticks so it is something that we both think is fun to eat with. 


So now this Sunday, there will be a quiet night for tomorrow has my son in his school again.


Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl ????

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Vote at John Emil From FALKÖPING

John Emil is a swedish singer/songwriter, producer and artist who loves pop music, country and EDM.

Enter and vote now at the John Emil : 

Facebook Fanpage :



You can Vote Twice  a day so LETS GO ! 😛 



Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛



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Firar 3 plats av 2400 låtar i Genre :)

Känns riktigt kul att det har gått så bra för alla mina 12 låtar. Speciellt roligt att det har gått så bra med min låt Skyddad Adress som hamnat på 3 plats av  ca 2400 låtar i genre Rap/hiphop. Det känns extra roligt eftersom jag gör mest Pop låtar men att jag ändå försökte mig på en annan genre och det gick så här bra 😛 

Av ca 34850 låtar inom alla genre s så ligger denna låten på 329 plats sist som jag kollade 🙂 . Tycker att sånt här är så roligt när man har utmanat sig själv på något där man egentligen är så osäker och ny på och det blir bra. Jag har aldrig sagt att jag varit bra på att göra denna slags musik utan detta handlade om att göra ett försök. Det handlade om att VÅGA  😛 ….


Så det fick bli lite firande här nu under dagen med GOD MAT  20170505_123824.jpg. Haha blev även här förvånad att det blev så fruktansvärt gott 😛 




Trevlig Helg Alla Mina Goa Läsare Puzz å Kramizar MinikeGirl 😛 

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