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Overjoyed Mother

A thousand thanks for a very nice and wonderful bloggportal 😀 

You can probably understand to some degree how happy I am to blogging here, but you will probably never be able to understand how deep my feelings and gratitude.

I get a really good understanding of how I work and am as a person. I can was so eager and there are always so many thoughts flying around in my head about everything.

IMG_4241 has given me even more hope for the future and a place were I can be myself. Through the :  

I feel that it is here I can unleash my forces. I am trying to create a long-term work somewhere where I can feel free. Music, and my blog is my refuge and place where I can be myself. Many want me to explain for they can not understand the whole this thing with blogging. They understand that it’s fun to make music and to blogging but certainly not to the degree that I do all of this.
Are you sitting and pondering how it is that blogging as I think it is worth that you try it on. You who have followed me for long, know what this all means for me. Before I had the opportunities to make music as I do today and also be able to upgrade my blog so it felt like I was stuck. But not anymore, which feels absolutely wonderful 😀 


I think 20 years of planning ahead when it comes to my music and my blog. When it comes to my son and his future so I have made a proper structure for my son to be able to feel as free as he can in his life. My son’s future is the most important. Therefore, I am looking to create many long-term goals that will benefit my son in the future. It is very much work but my son’s future is his.

My son understand such things as adults people do not have understood during my lifetime. It is not only that, he nods and agrees, but he explain why he understands and he speaks in parables. It pleases me so much that it is so. I will describe more another time. But I want you to understand that my blogging and my music creation is not just something that I do for myself anymore but for my son also.  

He is very versed in both my blog and in my music. My son has a very good ear and he is good on the details. Are there any instruments that are too loud or are there any sounds that need to be raised?
I am very careful with my own health and it is why I train like I do. The football boots that I bought for myself last summer, I will rip apart now in total this summer. I’ll be playing much football with my son.

Overjoyed Mother

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl The Overjoyed Mother 😛 

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Overjoyed Mother Success :)

Felt absolutely wonderful when my new track Overjoyed Mother was  released yesterday :-D.

It only took a minute after its release as a radio station, wrote these nice lovely words about my song Overjoyed Mother :

Overjoyed Mother is also added on another radio station so it feels really fun. It even feels really good that I will soon have one of my songs out soon 😀 Get big many fine messages of my friends who follow my blog and my musical journey. It heats up so much in my heart you mean more than gold to me. I have recently fascinated me very much to both my blog and my music I feel so terribly good when I can work with this exactly as I do. It feels like absolutely the right direction for me and I like to be able to live in my creativity.


 Now I’m going to put myself down and make more Music 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other  😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛
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My New SONG Listen Here :)

Overjoyed Mother

Overjoyed MotherThe big breakthrough for me is that I now finally have the joy to be able to let you listen to my new song. It is a song that I have written to my son. Is all about my Love for my son Damien. We have such a strong bond and my son is the only blood relation that I know of. Our family is strong and we have a nice relationship where we can talk about everything  most of the time. Both two have many thoughts and concerns about a lot and it contributes to many delightful conversation and a lot of humour. My son is an energetic and happy and a very smart guy. Outgoing and social. He is very empathetic and cares a lot about other people. 


Much has happened in our family and we can also talk about more serious things. It is important that my son get an honest picture of the reality. I write many songs and I sit down and explain to my son about what each song is about because I think it is my responsibility and that the information is coming directly from me. My next song that ex Protected Address have many words about my previous reality. 

I wrote it when I lived in a traumatic reality everyday. I had panic and I somehow had to get to process what has happened. I process a lot through my music.
But this song is about my son, who is the person who has gotten me every day how hard everything than have may been to go up out of the bed. So no matter what has happened in the past and what my songs are about, all involved parties agreed that Damien should have as good a Future as possible. 

Overjoyed Mother :



A thousand Thanks to All of You who Listen to My Music and Read my blog 😀 
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl 😀 
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Overjoyed Mother – Soon out for Release

Overjoyed Mother

Feels really fun now since I have 2 of my songs uploads to be released soon. One song will probably be released any day now. A further third song worked with in the studio to make any musical background to. I have more songs that are on the tour.

Feel that my body has recovered well after my workout so it is just to continue. Yesterday I happened to be poking me in one eye after I had my finger  on a Habanero, it has the strong level 10 . This burned badly and I had to take and rinse the eye with saline. Fortunately I have the lenses so it was without of the lens. It was very clumsy of me 😛 

Then I tried to  save a poor butterfly stuck in a spider web but when I had the loss of the butterfly so I thought it looked strange. Floundering weird. It was unfortunately damaged. When I looked a moment at the butterfly, which I had intended to save so I see it as floundering on the was a big spider. It ended up that I had killed the two. Felt right, then the butterfly was damaged and the spider ate and gave the butterfly the poison.

Nature’s time had been better where it feels like 😀 
My next songs are :  Overjoyed Mother
Skyddad Adress


As you can see, there is a song in Swedish also where I try to get on the Hip hop/Rap. Just new to the genre but the song came in my head like a Hip hop/Rap song and then it will be.
Now I will continue with my Music

Have the best my lovely listeners and readers 😀

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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To All Companies

MinikeGirl singer songwriter
MinikeGirl singer songwriterGood morning my lovely listeners and readers. Today, I am waiting for my latest song to be released for it should make it any day now. Today it will be to work with a new album cover to the next song that I’ll add to the next to be released the next time. At the same time I practice on a third song that is in the studio to make the background.
The agenda :
1. New album cover
2. Practicing on my song that is in the studio who are about to get a new background to
3. Structure in my folders and update the information
4. Prepare for the release of my next song :  Overjoyed Mother 
5. Meeting digitally with my Webmaster


As you probably already have understood so clearly as I write up most all the time. This is because I want to work on this way then I notice that what I want to do gets done and it gets done well. It will be less stressful and it is good for the stress that it takes energy from me, which I need for other things simply.
It feels absolutely wonderful to finally have received a good order here on my blog. It is very much thanks to my Webmaster. We are a really good team and it is really worth gold for me to have good relationships with those I work with.
Companies/ People:

There are many people who want me to advertise for them on my blog. Feel free to write to me if you want me to write  a sponsored post for you or for your companies.

I share all my blog posts in approximately 90 different Facebook groups. I also share on my Twitter account and my google + account.

Do you want to have more space on my blog so that you get more visibility so your sponsored posts get their own menu here and have it sponsored post exactly as this post is:

Want your business to appear here ?

Contact Me with a Comment 😀 

Take Care Of each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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Facing Karma – New Release


Not So Tough

The band FACING KARMA has recently released their second song NOT SO TOUGH on Spotify:

The band FACING KARMA has previously released the song FAKE IT :

Add them to your playlists on Spotify and follow them please. I think it is a really good Rock band, definitely good Music 😛
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😛 
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