Radiostations About My Music





 Folllow Radio plays 5 of my songs 🙂

At they are playing my Music and that feels really Nice to hear all this Lovely Words about my Music 🙂 ……..

Here are the stations that plays my Music :









I also got to be one all that were Noominiees to 2016 Golden KayaK Noominees  🙂 with my song My Friend :

There are new songs on the way and I look forward to be able to make you hear them as they are ready.
Have the Best of My Best Listeners 🙂 …..

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂

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IMG_20160329_194044Now have I sat down and structured my paper regarding my music. I have a song, as soon as is finished in the studio and ready to be released. Then I have 2 songs that are in the studio as it is done in the backgrounds. It’s another 7 songs that I am working with that will be sent to the studio. 4 of them are ready to do the backgrounds to the I’ll just present them for musikstudion. 3 pieces of songs should I put myself down and hone in on before they are sent to the studio.

There are a total of 10 songs that is being worked with right now, so it feels wonderful. 



It is exactly here that I want to work with several tracks at the same time. Now when I have structured it as far as my music making so there is more to it. My music now playing online at several different places and I’ll work out a good way so that it is possible to get a good structure in each of my songs is played. Then, I make it easier for me to be able to make sure that all my future songs will with all the different places.

There is a lot of work to structure everything, but it is important to do this. Otherwise, if you sit on the several years with lots of paper work. It is something that I will try to avoid at all costs. I also have this fine blog that I’m working with which is really fun. I also think that it is important to have good order on the blog. There have been many late nights when I sat and worked with my music and with my blog.


It is a privilege to work with the one that I love to work with and it makes me very happy. I am extremely grateful that I can finally do it as I do in the day. Big Thank you to You All who Believe in Me and who follow me on my journey through this life.


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New Year 2017

New Year 2017 🙂 …..

it will be a good year 🙂 ….

More Music to come and on its way 🙂 ……

Thanks for all Support 🙂 …

Now I have some Holiday and are going to rest for a couple of Days 🙂 ….

See You 🙂 ….

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Really Good Year :)

Hope you all had a Great Christmas , and that you will have a Happy New Year  🙂

It has been a really good year for me regarding the time. It feels great that I also have been able to work with my Music. Next year it will come more songs from me 🙂

It will also be more musicvideos from me 🙂 …


Here is my Soundcloud please stop by listen and leave a comment or 2 🙂    :

Love from me to you ALL See YA 🙂  


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About MinikeGirl Singer/Songwriter

MinikeGirl is a singer and songwriter with a truly unique story, and a very fascinating background. She was born in the country of Sri Lanka, but eventually moved to Sweden, where she keeps making music. Her love for music started at a very early age, as she started playing the piano and singing in her childhood home at the tender age of five. Music has always been a very important part of her life, and she knew she was destined to do something very special with that particular form of art.

For some people, music is just entertainment, but for others, it is so much more. This is definitely the case of MinikeGirl, for her, music is not just fun, but also self expression and education. Through her sound, she tells stories and she really follows her dreams and passion, every step of the way. Her songs are very melodic and catchy, yet energetic and uplifting, echoing the work of artists such as Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus, just to mention but a few.

MinikeGirl is a master at writing songs that are deeply personal, yet easy to relate to, because her lyrics are insightful and witty, adding a deeper dimension to her songs. In her own words, MinikeGirl truly feels strong in the music, and she is very thankful for being able to do something she love, as well as getting very positive responses from people who listen to her songs and encourage her to release more and more..

Her songs, including “Sorry Little Haters” , are very catchy, engaging and inspirational, with MinikeGirl showcasing some truly extraordinary vocal chops that just cannot go unnoticed.

Her music has got some great electronic beats and some lush, distinctive melodies that really add some special vibes to the track.

MinikeGirl is ultimately one of those artists who stand out not only because of their natural talent and ability to create appealing music, but also for the amazing amount of heart, soul and passion that they manage to put into everything they set out to accomplish. Find out more and listen to MInikeGirl’s work:

You can also connect with MinikeGirl on Facebook:

On Spotify :

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