Carl Edmond´s bok om hans Galna Liv/ Jag skrattade, jag grät. Glädjetårar! :)

Wow   😛  Carl Edmond alltså har ni hört talas om honom? Vilken grym bok som han har skrivit. Så inspirerande bok om hans galna liv. Helt otroligt vad han har varit med om i hans mycket spännande liv genom alla äventyr han varit på. Jag läser om sidorna flera gånger för det pirrar i hela kroppen.  😛  Funderar ärligt talat på om Carl Edmond är upptagen? Han är helt fantastisk och jag är oerhört tacksam över att få denna möjlighet att kunna läsa Carl Edmond´s bok.

Jag skrattade, jag grät. Glädjetårar! #CarlEdmondWasHere

2Q2A3696  Nu när jag har så härlig ny inspiration så ska jag fortsätta att göra det som jag gör 😛 

Ha det Bäst Mina Läsare

Puzz å Kramizar MinikeGirl 🙂 

Sponsrat av @carledmondofficial

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My Son Turned 9 Years Old Yesterday :)

Overjoyed Mother

My son turned 9 years old yesterday, which was celebrated with a day on a secret outing. We had it very cozy. I had chosen a good path so that my son could have something to watch during our little trip. It was so much fun he fell asleep after 5 minutes after we had begun to drive. It resulted after when we had eaten at the restaurant so he became more alert and more energetic. We ate chicken and then had coffee in a café. Went and talked about life and people and about ourselves. It was a lovely day 😛 .  I am  

My son has done so much in the summer and been on so many activities. He has been abroad many times in his life and got to do so much. It makes me so happy as a mother that I truly have been able to arrange everything so well for us that my son get to explore the world in this way. My son is my biggest motivation and he is the person who allowed me to do everything that I do today. It is he who makes me feel alive. We have a great relationship and we are a good team. We are  a family that has many deep discussions.

Gave my son a mobile when he was old enough and it is because he is good at technology and I think it is important that he must keep up with developments. I have told him how to deal with the internet and that I should always know what he is doing on the Net before he is older. But it is important that he gets to explore with regarding this for I see that he has good skills already. To let my son develop within the how to use a computer and how to use a mobile is very positive. My son has a lot of knowledge in this that I can’t.

He has me as a mother who has internet as my workplace, and I teach him from the beginning. I teach him that there are people who may not always write so nice things about me on the net. I teach him that I seen and heard a lot on the net. That he should always come to me if there is something he is wondering about. If someone says something about my music that he does not agree with. Someone may have comments about my blog and about me. I teach my son that people will always find a lot of different things on a lot.

The most important thing is that you know deep inside that it is good as it is. My son, when the strong in himself and he has very much empathy when it comes to other people. My son is very smart. It’s that I work with is to strengthen his comprehension when it comes to various limits. I know how it is to live with empathy and how some people have used my kindness through the years. Then how some people disappear and pulls away when they no longer can get things, ex money of you. Empathy is about so much more. Empathy is something else. It is when you have a lot of empathy and want to help other people who are there are the people who make use of your goodness. I promise you that once you stop giving things and money to clear the people of their own accord from your life. It is therefore important to set limits and that is what I teach my son.


I have not always made the smartest choices in my life but I knew that day that it is time to change a thing. Change for the better and it is not to be egoistic, but it is to focus on his own family. Focus and care about the people who care about me as a person. As the friends pay the note every other time and petrol money is sound when it comes to money. You give and take and helping each other in everyday life with everything what it can mean.

It’s not about the money and those who pulls away when you put the limits help only got me to really see where I want to put my energy in the future. In recent times I have helped other people in different everyday events that occurred. Then in the middle of everything, I get back lots of things that I need. It gives and takes in a healthy way, where everything goes around. I get back where I don’t even reflected over that I wanted to have it when I helped other people. It is what it is best to have the right people around you.

 dsc_0017-1386874588.jpgBought a couple of very nice curtains yesterday that I’ll fix that up in the right place. It will be as I have thought, so it will probably up a picture of the result. I’m not a star to put up curtains so haha I promise nothing. It is I who happen to snatch down a curtain rod and everything when I just should correct to an existing curtain that is in Place haha 😛 
In the meantime, now that I write this blog post, I get a message that the accessories for my son’s new mobile phone has arrived. He will be so happy tonight when he can start using his first mobile 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😛 


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Network Is Large :)

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nDespite a bit of sleep tonight because my body doesn’t do what I want really so it has been a very good day. I eat my Levaxin which is for my thyroid and I’m going to eat the whole of life. But sometimes it’s like it’s blocked in the body and I can be surprised with a few different symptoms each time it happens. Therefore, it is a bit hard to read when it is done. It happened in the night was the symptoms don’t usually be with at all when it gets this short. So last night, I was stressed and could not sleep.It really is not a good combination to become stressed when producing the various symptoms of imbalance in the body. It is easy to get stressed up and can’t sleep for it. It sets off lot of other signals in both my body and brain and it is not good. Adrenaline and a lot of other instincts can start and it will be me not alert of. But now since I’m stubborn, and has a good job, so I took me to work today. I will certainly sleep many hours now but it I need  😛   

Worked a lot with the blog now to get it to spread on the network. It is a job that I can work with in forever it feels like. Of the network is large. It helps, of course, that I think it is big fun. But how fun it is, so it takes time to all the time. It is time that I gladly devote so clear but I am very careful to also have days that I rest on. But after each blog post so I share it on different social media. For each new song I release, and I will do the same. It is so as I have always done late 2012 with my blog. It is so as I do with every new song I release. The more creative I am the more work I get to work late. It is so that I take a little more space on the web all the time and reach out to more and more people. It feels so wonderful and fun to see how my business continually grows. It is exactly here that I want to work my whole life. It fits me so well. I have a commonsense approach to working from home and I enjoy working from my computer. I love Internet  😛 

Because it was like it was night until today, it is time for me to rest now. I had planned to do today after my work will have to wait. I have decided that when it gets like this, so always go to recovery first, for it is there that I can live as I do. MinikeGirl

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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My Newest Song First on Charts of 35122 Songs :)

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nLovely Sunday for my son and for me. My son made lunch today for us which consisted of meat sauce and spaghetti. It was really good he is really good and likes to cook. In a few days so fill my son 9 years already. The years go by so fast and I’m so happy and proud of my son.

We are a good team and we have a nice little family. We know what want and what we have for future goals in life.
I was really happy when I saw that my newest song reached number ONE on a chart list of : 20170730_172242.JPG Songs 😛 . This is on a online radiostation.

Here is my song that I am talking about :  

It feels absolutely amazing. I keep on working on new songs while I work and have my dear blog. I have a good balance of everything, but when I do more music as it becomes a little less blogging, and vice versa, but it is not so strange. Only I get my sleep and rest so it works as it should and I have time for it as I want to. Think I have so good people around me now who understand that this is what I love to do. People who themselves are very creative and know how it is to give his whole soul for something.

People who can be cheerful for my sake and the people who don’t get envious of me when it goes good for me. I have struggled a long time in my life to be able to get to feel that I’m good at anything so I think it is sad with envy people. Often it is those who do not for any reason able to självförverkliga themselves. My envy of other people was in the past that I thought that all the others could do a lot of things and I am not. The more time passed, I noticed that I certainly can many different things and I am very good at much. This is why I get so happy when things are going good for my music that I’ve written completely myself. Now when I saw that my let low first of all these other songs. For me it is so much better than you can ever imagine but regardless of the investments and attention, I will always do what I’m doing. I will always make music and blogging. 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl img_20170510_085134.jpg
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Secret Facebook Friend


Think it is a good weekend and I have been working with computer now throughout the morning. Finally become clear with so much. It’s stuff like work that requires a good focus so it was good today. It comes to catch itself in its own pace.

Have also taken the opportunity to shop for some beauty products as one of my Secret Facebook friend highly recommend. So when my products have arrived, you will see what it was for something exciting 😛 

Right now, I’m working with many projects at the same time. Thank you all who listen to my music. I have now 13 songs out on Spotify, which feels absolutely wonderful  :

 The New Release /

Änglarna Beundrar :

Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Thanks to the studio in Falköping as all of this is possible :)

Now I’m soon on the way to my work. I’ve had a weekend where a lot has happened. It has been good with some new projects started. It may take the time it takes. I have recently released one of my songs :

So now it is time to soon start to record my next song. It will be fun and it will be amazing. It is also a song that I wrote in Swedish. I like to do it that I know of regarding my music, so it is great to be able to do that, I simply want to. I am independent and free in my creation, just as it should be 😛 
I have received such nice words of all my songs and it is a great merit of the studio that I use. I use the best studion and I recommend it to all of you who love music and want a very good studio to go to. Falköping is the right place and the answer to all of your questions about where  I was playing in my music .
It is so worth it and it is worth going around the globe to record your music here :
I record my music in my town where I grew up 
It is an amazing experience and it is Thanks to the studio in Falköping as all of this is possible. 
Take Care of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n
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