My senses and my soul feel good

It feels great now when I received the order on so many of my songs. I can now start to put some focus on other songs that I have at the time. I have been in a Write- Bubble is now quite a while and now I’ve got a good structure in everything. As much as I want to do and it is so amazing.

The more songs I write the more I learn about myself. It gets me all the time to understand myself and my way of thinking. I get more and more insight into why I live in the structure that I built up. 
Today I work a lot with my music, so it’s soon time to sleep here  😛 . I want to be able to work tomorrow also at the same time that I also should take it easy tomorrow.
I am strong and know where I am on the road and it is a great feeling. 
My driving force is so strong now and my senses and my soul feel good.
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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