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Feel Quite Frisky :)

This Sunday, it will be a little bit of everything here when I have not planned very much yet. Will be answered with what is needed to be arranged here at home and take each day as it comes. Sitting and drinking coffee now to wake up to. It is still spinning quite many thoughts on much right now for me, but it feels good after all. It takes some time to land so it’s nothing strange at all. I gives me the time I need for no one knows me as good as I do. I know exactly what works and what does not when it comes to me 😛


It takes time and much energy to be able to do it as I do especially now when I am still with the very basics of my business. It is important to create a good foundation for it to become that I have thought of. It is not possible to rush into anything but to focus on making it good from the beginning. It is also about surrounding yourself with people who understand the whole thing with that there is so much work behind everything. Those who understand that this is something that is an of one’s greatest interests and it is here that I spend a lot of time and effort. Important to surround yourself with people that inspire you to continue what you are doing. Learn to listen to constructive criticism and not those who are jealous and kick out both the one and the other. Never forget why you strive for their own life goals and to never doubt on you. Know that you can what you do no matter what. Find the strength to affect what you can and not get caught up in it that you can not influence. It is possible to affect more than what we ourselves think and know about many times. There is so much that I have learned through life. You often have a choice and it is also a choice not to choose anything at all. 

Others  choices are their but my choices are mine. My choices are mine to be taken by me. Many options and many crossroads I have had to deal with now for the last time. It has been hugely stressful as I have been disturbed and not been able to work alone as I had to do. Some decisions that I have taken in the recent past will be essential to my well-being in the future. It is possible to see obstacles all the time but it is also possible to work for change if there is something that you really want. Learn to see what it actually is capable of. I am honest with all the time I want to do the best that I can and that it makes me vulnerable in a way. Vulnerable to at all times maintain the balance in order to be the best that I can. So I can use my abilities to the fullest. It makes me frustrated and pissed off when other people come and feel they know best where my limits go.
This is my area and I know the best here and it needs other people to learn to accept. There is a lot that I’ve accepted now especially in the last few months regarding the behavior of others. This has made me feel better and I am freer in my focus. I have made my choice so now it is up to others what they choose to prioritise and what they believe is important to preserve. It is not possible to incite change despite the fact that I have told you how I feel. The only thing that can change anything is me. What others choose to do is up to them. I have given so much of my time and energy as well as force on things now at last it is time for me to let it be. I need to use my strength and my power, where I get the energy back. 

It is absolutely wonderful that I recently actually have found like-minded people. I am so grateful for it that I can bring. So happy and excited over this that I feel quite frisky. It is worth gold and it was fine again, finally. It was also much better. Most of it has a meaning, and when it doesn’t feel like it has it so I have learned to create a sentence with it most of the time. It is one of my strengths. Now, I shall continue to do so as I feel good out in all future similar situations. This is regardless of what others choose to do or not it’s their own choice, and I accept that 😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Firar 3 plats av 2400 låtar i Genre :)

Känns riktigt kul att det har gått så bra för alla mina 12 låtar. Speciellt roligt att det har gått så bra med min låt Skyddad Adress som hamnat på 3 plats av  ca 2400 låtar i genre Rap/hiphop. Det känns extra roligt eftersom jag gör mest Pop låtar men att jag ändå försökte mig på en annan genre och det gick så här bra 😛 

Av ca 34850 låtar inom alla genre s så ligger denna låten på 329 plats sist som jag kollade 🙂 . Tycker att sånt här är så roligt när man har utmanat sig själv på något där man egentligen är så osäker och ny på och det blir bra. Jag har aldrig sagt att jag varit bra på att göra denna slags musik utan detta handlade om att göra ett försök. Det handlade om att VÅGA  😛 ….


Så det fick bli lite firande här nu under dagen med GOD MAT  20170505_123824.jpg. Haha blev även här förvånad att det blev så fruktansvärt gott 😛 




Trevlig Helg Alla Mina Goa Läsare Puzz å Kramizar MinikeGirl 😛 

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Very Knowledgeable

20170501_102504.jpgYesterday it was a lovely breakfast with coffee and burgers. I like the combination. It was a nice  to enjoy in the sun. To take the opportunity when you can get a little sunlight. I like to eat more food sometimes, when I slept longer. Then I get good energy and it took a good while before I was hungry again 😛 

In recent times, I’ve had stronger relationships with many people which makes me incredibly grateful. Relations have been strong in the past but become even stronger. Sometimes, things happen that are not raw at strengthens the bond further. It is about survival and when the energy is needed. I accept worse changes to other relationships because I see what has happened and where they are going. It is sad but my energy must cease to incite in these areas when I don’t get the response anymore as it once was. The relationship runs slowly out of steam. Because it takes too much energy from me to try all the time and the people involved to pretend that nothing is what it is. I have been very hurt by other people in the past and some apologize and others don’t. The problem persists and I need time to heal. It does hurts a bit more if it’s people that have been around for a long time. It is useful to feel forgotten for it allowed me to think in new ways of thinking. It allowed me to give time and power where I needed. Something has made me sad a total now of later time, and it has taken all my energy.

 What I do now in the future and there that I decide to put time and effort into is my decision and I will be ruthless. Ruthless means that when I am focused on something and want to succeed so I just run on and I will ignore what the feelings of others will be in this one. For I have tried and  it has made me sad and I am tired. Now there is a new focus and this is where I will put all my energy. I peel it off as unimportant. Unimportant means that there is nothing that I expect in my focus, therefore, it becomes unimportant if it just takes my energy. It is as it is said and it is I who can change what I can change in order to feel better. I am very knowledgeable about how I should behave and I can so many tricks in how I’m going to do. It is always difficult to use the tricks on itself when it is about emotions. This time, I was also the victim of the violation when I was in a slump and much plummeted in my world.
The difference is today I know who I am today so it doesn’t matter with all these violations all the time. What matters is that it takes too much of my energy and therefore I put a stop to it. I am honest about what happens to the people who I feel trust and I have nothing to hide. This is also because I did not should be drained completely of energy now, in the future, but for the fact that I’ll have my energy left.


It will be good in the long run 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other 😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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I was the Black Sheep but now no longer the other people’s protection


What I do when I’m not really healthy and can workout there is to eat. I am not a potato eater but potatoes au gratin is a real favorite. Here, we believe that this will last for several days. I can tell you that it is soon to end. Have the meat and sauce and they are very satisfied. It really is so good. Peel the potatoes went fast for I was talking with a friend at the same time, There is no idea to cut down on the eating when I workout but I eat a lot. Want to be able to workout, so we need to acquire energy and that’s what you get by eating. It is not my thing to eat less and exercise if I want to have long-term results. I try all the time to maintain my thought that I want to be able to cope in the long term. For me it is no option to do that kind of thing that wears me out totally and I don’t have the energy to anything then. It is not an option at all.

When you live as I do, it’s about to live in the present, but to save your strength so you can cope in the long run. Since I have been on the bottom and fought with the devil a few times to priority I different than people who haven’t had to take these battles. I give priority to get everyday life to function, and it’s about things that belong to others, the construction of it all. It means that it is like a circle. Include that I have the order in the base.

 Survival base procedures :
  • home
  • food
  • clothes
  • son to school
  • my work
  • health
  • clean home

I am forced to focus on other than my base so I have no energy to have my base as I want to. You should not destroy what actually works to you think that I should prioritize as you think. 

I focus on that which builds up the way to be able to devote myself to these all luxury day routines. Luxury day routines  are the kind of things that ex:
  • what people think about me
  • interior design
  • the color of my hair
  • how the clothes is in my locker
  • what I have for curtains

The charts are different for different people, and it’s important to respect that we are all different and that our circles are different. For that, I feel good and that these luxury day procedures should be interesting and of value so do my priorities first go to the base circle. It is not so strange but this is to give priority to the right. For people who live differently and have the time to engage in other circles than only the base need to learn to respect me when I devote myself to me base. It is my day to day life and it is my base and you can not respect this so it doesn’t matter who you are.

Then applies the following rule: interfere with you are my work of maintaining my priorities is most important for it to be a good circle on my base as possible, so you have nothing to do with me. For it is easy to come up with the wrong priorities and destroy and then demand that I shall be able to do a lot of things I don’t prioritize. I give priority to what is important to you it does not you that bothers.

It’s all about the simple things how to treat the privacy of others and how to respect the lives of others. Respect how other people choose to live their lives. It is not possible to just trample over others ’ boundaries and think that just because it works for one it should work for the others. I am a person who has been through traumatic experiences and I have really learned from all my mistakes in life. I has taken me this far on my journey. I take hold of the problem that arise directly and I can be honest and stand for my mistakes. I have developed as a person and I have grown up. Today I am an adult. Can you not respect my daily priorities in order to you yourself suffer from a large control needs so is not it my problem. It becomes my problem when you yourself haven’t learned where the limits are and it interferes with my base circle but does not understand it. When I am the person who always tried to help if I have noticed that I need help. I analyze my own behavior and I am growing as an individual. I know who I am and where I’m going. It has always been so much all the time that I am too much and I too little. I feel too much emotions and it has always been I to examine myself to become someone I’m not. The problem has always been that I am the problem all the time that you need to correct. It has done that I have always worked with myself in my quest and in my belief that the problem lies with me. Only with me. I stand as I said for my problems and mistakes but others do not. 

It is healthier to seek help and to get help and support in her problems than to deny their problems and blame everything on everyone else. It is unhealthy and not healthy to start fights and then blame everything on me. It only shows that the people who do so have not worked with themselves. It only shows that these people actually need an eye-opener with regard to their own behavior. This means that they need professional help.

When it no longer works, constantly trying to get me to the black sheep that you can hide behind. When I decided that I no longer will be the protection so you have to work with yourself. I have nothing to hide and I know who I am.
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀
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Upcoming Music


Nice weekend for now I’m going to structure how I have it with my upcoming music. Now I have received the order of it that has been very on the latest. It that I can do something about. There is still much that I do not control, but life is so and I must somehow accept that it is as it is. I will go broke over and over again but is there anyone who understands this it is me. I know that it is as it is and nothing I can affect.

I choose to understand the reality of it is that I live in. I choose to release my feelings in this and let them soar freely. When you know how something will be, but not when you are prepared but yet not. Love is all that I know. It is hard to see something bright in the somewhat tragic, but the love may be even strength in all things.
Life has its challenges and I have mine. So glad I always been good to reflect on things. It has taken me so far on my trip. I am down-to-earth and focused, it is important for me to be able to be there. Now is the time to start to make the food here so that I can with what I have planned here today 😛 
A thousand Thank you for listening to my Music :

Take Care Of Each Other 😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
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