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First, it is very emotional to feel that one has somehow been replaced by other people. But the time is changing and it is not possible to keep a fixed in what was once. The day has 24 hours so it is not possible to change 😀 . Things like this happends all the time thats what life is about. Dont forget that when you feel replaced its often not as bad as it feels. You dont own other peoples time and they dont own yours. So dont feel sad. Sometimes the time dont fit your own style and what you want 😀 . So dont be selfish. Everything needs to have its own time.

I, for one, understand it. Therefore, it is good as it is though it is new to me. It’s more important that everyone involved feel good. There sometimes arises a situation which is not feels so big fun and you stand in the middle of this situation and feel hurt and not at all comfortable in how things have become. At the same time that you are happy for others ’ happiness. Accept the situation and go out of the entire situation for yourself feel better is not a bad choice. It is a very good choice for you to do what you yourself are doing well out in the long run. Especially when all who are in the situation, that everyone should feel good in the end. Then there is nothing to hesitate of, I think.

There is so much that I have in front of me now and today I released a little of my habitual life. How does it feel ? I am terrified but that is what you should be when you challenge yourself when it comes to these challenges. It is also triggering in a good way and that is how I become stronger. When I talk about being strong, it’s much more about being  physically strong. It is about being strong in its entire existence. It is about a sense of security and freedom. It is about emotions and acceptance. It’s all about love.

Sometimes it feels like that is more dependent on other people than what you really are. Clearly you are addicted, but in what way are you depending? During the later time so I have been thinking a lot and felt much like I always do. Hello ! My brain 😀 link together and take apart things that many other people’s brains do not do. Both advantages and disadvantages in that I works so. But for the attentive person so it has been more feelings and musings of me here on the blog. I feel strong and I am intense when I feel. It is I who cries to action movies because it would be so awesome. It is I who cries to horror movies because I often feel sorry about and sympathy for the spirits and creatures that go again and scares people. There is such sadness behind a lot. As I often feel with people who have sought help and been sent home and then commit horrible crimes. But then it has gone too far, I can find also. You want to be able to capture young people before it goes so far.

The benefits are nothing without the disadvantages because there is so much in between that many people forget. I am happy and I am glad that I have my intense think that I with a lot of practice is in order. Often, it was like I was that girl who had not so much an eye on things. In spite of my outward behaviour, I was very introverted and a real dreamer. I was very fuzzy and wanted a lot of it never got anything done. I was really not into how it would be or behave in different situations. In any case, I felt so it does not need to be as it was. But in my world it was so and it was all the time so important how you looked in front of other people and how they perceived me. It shaped me to feel that I never fit in. It has nothing to with that I am allowed to do at all. I fit in but it felt not so.

To be a girl and have my drivers in selfrealize myself has not been easy. Guys are often praised if they want to conquer the world, but as a girl, it’s so wrong inculcated her to be quiet and calm. But as I said I am terribly stubborn, and even the impossible is possible to make almost possible, it need not be either or.With my blog and with my music so I want to prove that you should never give up on their dreams. Putting the other people time and effort in to all the time think that what you are doing is fuzzy and not worth anything. It is when you have nothing and it is more fuzzy to carp down on others dreams and goals and visions in life. They are often afraid to live out.

You are unique and valuable, everybody never forget it 😀 


Many hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 


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Continue To Dare



Now I have finally sent my next song on the release. I wanted just that this song could be on the way at the right time. The right time is now when I had a slump last month and is on his way out of it. It is precisely what the song’s content is about, which makes all much easier today.

It is a fact that I have had it very good in recent time and it has not at all been the many puddles at all. I know that I was very frustrated at first when I ended up in my downswing and I took a day at a time and it worked just as well as it usually do. So I thought not much of it. The one week I was more sensitive and the second week I was not so sensitive. Then it became more and more contrasts on the whole.


My thyroid values were ”normal” but the one value was high and I don’t think I have had as high as before. So compare it with how it’s been in the past on my host so end up it’s probably not in the context of what is ”normal” for me. It remains to find out. But as I know so everything will be better when I get started with my training and work again. One day at a time. Life was simpler then the I from to not bother me at all if things to become a so-called FREAK to want to be in control of everything that happens. The contrast is very big there but it is how I feel best. I have had zero control many times in my life and everything I have done has been wrong. Therefore, it is important for me that I do things that I’m capable of. There may be failures that I also understand but it may not be too much for then I become passive for the most part. It is important to get to feel that everyday life works. Therefore, snowing, many who are like me in on what they are good at just because they are safe there. It becomes even comfort zone. I also have these strong forces must have the ability to just stop time to catch up with myself.

 I can’t work to support people in their daily lives, if I myself do not dare to process myself when it pops up different kinds of problems. You always learn something, and that is what is so wonderful to know. I have learned to speak up and to say stop to myself and other people. I have learned that it is often people who respect your choice when you say that you need to take care of yourself. It is the people you keep closest to heart, no matter who it is. But it is also the people you should listen to when they want to get you out for that walk that you can not take that you don’t really feel good.


 Continue to dare to process it as you have in you for it gets better. It’s okay to be afraid of it, which you can find on the road. But for every step that you take regardless of whether it feels good or is hard so that always counts as a success. To carry things within itself, eating away at the soul. 


Have the Best My Lovely Readers


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀


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Have structured up my blog a bit with some minor adjustments. When I still keep trying to get on the blog more in depth. It’s funny now when I have this new theme to work in.

It is very due to the work needed to be done and it takes a long time. I may try to take some every day now. Must buy one to cover this I feel. But for new bloggers it is just to run. It’s just that I’ve been blogging since the year 2012.

I learn a lot on the way and therefore I try to be constantly in phase with it all the time. But it is moving forward and it feels wonderful.


Will soon send my next song away for it to be released. It is a song that I could not have chosen to release at a better time. It is a song that I really needed to get clear right now.

My next song is about what came to be one of my biggest breaks in life.

It is so symbolic and when I press that I’m going to drop it so I will get new forces.


I have fallen in importance is now last month when I was sick so it takes a while to get back my former strength. Think I eat everything I see and at the same time as my son, eat significantly more food now so go there for more food. This is, of course, inevitable, but equally interesting every time I open the fridge and the freezer. Thus, the acting must be considerably more  😀


Take Care Of Each Other


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 


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Mental illness


When you live with mental illness and have people around you in the closest relations that do not understand.  Then you never can get the best out of you. It kills me and it is eating away at my entire existence. All these years of incomprehension, and only belief in that if you work regularly on a job, you become healthy. I can no longer try to get those who do not understand to understand. That every time as soon as it gets a bit too much so it is just to go to the doctor and take a blood test that gets you healed and can work as all the other every day and be as good as every other is.  

All people have different abilities and work on the basis of what you can. Has the driver that I have, it is easy to push itself in the bottom. It happened more before, but now I have good balance in all that I do. It is just all this complaining all the time that I should and that everyone else is so good all the time. I can’t be bothered to take more energy to get people who don’t understand to understand anymore. 


They forget, in total, remove the whole trip that I made to be able to live the life I do today. I even live is a miracle in itself, but even it is forgotten. I don’t have time anymore for these violations. In the eyes where you are never any good and never good enough where I would no longer have the appreciation. This tug-of-war all the time ceases now there are people who will never be satisfied. They will constantly require more of you. 


On the shell, everything is so beautiful and from the outside, everything looks so good. But there is so much that people don’t know anything about. There is so much that I struggle with every day. You can’t see my personal success in that I have actually gone and studied and got top scores. You can’t see that despite adversity, I am here. You have no understanding of how tough my journey has been and that I am still here.

It is I who has vision problems and is half blind in both eyes. You ought to work more if you … the stress means that I have to delete the I am available to work. The stress makes me become passive. The stress makes me sick so don’t come here and do not humble me in all my attempts to keep a good balance. Then the man becomes sick physically and then it falls still. This will stop the never me I am so accustomed to this is, but the limit is reached now. Do you think seriously that I will sabotage my whole trip up here??


It will never happen and it doesn’t matter who stands in the way. It is just annoying that I with all my own fighter should have to fight against people who say that they want my best all the time. To want a thing but to go on the things that you do not have knowledge in that are experiencing this Mental Illness, so it is better to let it be. You have no idea what it triggers in people by being opinionated and unsympathetic. But if you have not the abilities to understand so do not intend to put more energy on trying to be understood. 


I will stop talking with people who don’t understand this because it harms more than it helps anyone. What I can do is to turn off the emotions. I have done it before and I have no problem doing it now either. If you have problems with this, so you have to have it. I know that who I am today and I where I’m going and therefore I do make additional changes for it to keep in the long run.


It is extremely important to focus on the people who understand you and not trigger you to incite yourself to it that you don’t have the energy. It may be a case that you never come out. With this text I want you living with Mental Illness should always know that you are good enough exactly as you are. There are unsympathetic people who do not have the skills to understand how you have it that can say things like, feels like, and is offensive. There are also those who are wicked to the for some reason is not doing so well themselves and need to push down someone else. 


It is we who must stick together when it is like this. All of us who understand and live with this all the time. With me, it is not the actual Mental Illness that is the problem for I love myself for who I am. I accept who I am and I never want to I’ll get rid of my flaws. But I don’t want to have a society of people who do not understand, it is something that is lacking, so it is when society does not understand.


It is something that is lacking it is when the related party does not understand. Understanding is equal to that mental illness is much easier to live with. Incomprehension, however, many people are not able to live longer because there will be too much. It is more rooted than that people don’t understand mental illness. These people have not had to work in the same way with themselves and maybe not learned something about themselves. But we who have been in hell and fought with the devil a hundreds of times. Do you really believe that we have the time to mess with you all the time in that you do not understand?

 Shame on you, you have no idea at all and it is terribly sad. You have a mental illness that you should take care of. We others are doing it and working with our problems. Unfortunately, you will be a of our everyday problems, for that you not working with your own problems.


Double Trouble in the circle is absolutely not healthy for anyone!


Take care of each other instead !


Many hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 


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Colors In The Darkness

IMG_3712Soon I can turn the chapter and leaves in my creativity. Now I have my new song at the time. I write very deep lyrics and I have many messages in my music. I have always been writing my music and I’m happy with it. It reflects who I am and what I have been through. There are many people who can relate to my music. Much is taken directly from the few times that when my life had crashed in total.

My next song is about the biggest the breakthrough for me to be able to change, and really get a solid point in life. Something that changed everything and the nothing became everything in such a life-changing way. I will never return for I have my future. Everything is clear now and that is what my next song is all about.


Yesterday, it was really a real lovely sunny day. It’s wonderful that it’s becoming warmer now here in Sweden. It gets so wacky when you do not get the sunlight despite the fact that I love the dark. But it is enough that I see all the energies of light when it is dark. There are many colors in the darkness that I see all the time of energy so therefore, it feels good. Can understand those who don’t see the colors that they may not like it when it is dark. The dark glitters I tend to think and it is so beautiful.


Will see if I dare to make some additional changes here on the blog today. We’ll see if the coffee settles to the right so I can have the right focus, otherwise I will ask my Webmaster for help. Of course, so I would sit and read a lot of things on how to do yesterday. There are some simple adjustments that I knew about before but was a bit reminded of yesterday.


It may take a little bit away from simply 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 


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Something not many know about me

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Youtube H Made a new cover for one of my new songs. I was very pleased with it as I did. It is fun to try and it will be as you want it. Since I am not trained to do design and stuff like that it goes well  😀 …

 I want to be able to make the most for yourself when it comes to both my blog and my music. There are many threads to keep in but it goes better and better in everything that I do. I am learning all the time what works and what does not. But I’m free in my creation and it feels absolutely wonderful.

Everything gets a little better every month, and even though what I’m doing is going well so I am prepared to take away a part of it that can be made even better. Work on it so it will be better and that it will be as I want to. Be developed, then I also as a person. Didn’t think it would have the speed of this that it has been in that I would be able to create this foundation as I’ve been striving for.

I don’t have to wait on many things and it makes everything that floats on faster than I ever would have thought. I thought that it would definitely take a much longer time. What I have plan for my blog and my music about 3 years, I do now. It means that I finally have been able to recoup few years by the years that went by that I could do much at all music or blogging. I have got back my life again somehow it feels absolutely incredible.


I have my fixed point in life and it is my son. I have my blog and I have my music. Even though the world rages around me, or if I feel broken so I have my regular spots where I can be myself completely out. I also have 2 amazing jobs to go to when I can and when it is needed.


I have you my wonderful listeners and readers, you are amazing and wonderful in every way. It is a great delight for me that you follow me on my life journey, both within my music and here on my blog.


It will feel superb lovely when you get to hear my next song on which I made the cover for now. I am so excited and a little eager regarding getting out the song. You may have noticed that many of my songs are very heavy in the lyrics with a strong message. After each song I make so I process my part traumas and the things that happened in the past which means that I gradually become stronger and stronger.



I am very aware that I have all the time and the river up old wounds that have not healed by itself. They need a lot of help from my side. They need my help so much. They need to be ripped up and reworked time and time again by me. I work on them so hard that they finally leaving my soul. Some need it and I dont stop myself before they left me. I am spiritual and my soul has lived many lives and my soul is old.

My soul is on their last hundred thousand years now. My soul begins to finally feel the tranquility and peace, and I am so grateful for everything.


With this, I would also like to say that we all believe in different things but this is what I am. Don’t forget that I was born in a very spiritual country, and that I was born with  all this. It has permeated my senses, and who I am today. In the beginning when I didn’t know I had my gift and how you used it, it was really tough.


 I am my gift today and I have full control on what is real and not. I see and hear and I feel it is so wonderful. I have no plans to work as a medium, despite my medial forces and strengths. But it is the people regardless of which side they are on, who will come to me and need help or talk, so I am.


This is nothing to play with if you are above it opens up the channels and links that can be extremely difficult to turn off for those who do not know how to do. So think a little extra before you do all this on your own.


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl    😀 ..


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