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Youtube H There are really good blogs here on the

I have taken the time today to sit and read a bit on some of them. It has been very inspiring reading. Often I think I’ll read other people’s blogs more than I do.I have understood that it has been very good bloggers here in the past. 

I have really wonderful friends around me and we are on the same wavelength. We think similar in our quest towards our goals in life. It really is so inspiring. I am so proud that you are with me.

It is really in the waves of the friendship how much you heard of the talking. But true friendship is always there no matter how often you talk and be seen. It is like a primal force. The most important thing is to be able to give his friends space and not feel forgotten if they make new friends. Maybe you talked more often, and thus socialized more before the man himself or his friends met other friends.

It is actually a habit that is acquired by talk, and is often seen. I would like to have a good contact, even though I myself is a little bad to hear of me though I often like it. When you come out of the bubble that actually had very much contact with a part of people daily and all of a sudden not have that contact anymore. It’s not about the Friendship is gone, on the contrary, you are doing this for you to feel safe with their friends.

At these times, you get more time for other friends and the bands where strengthened. It is lovely with new energy at the same time as it is the safest, with even the friends you have known for several years now, so clearly. 

It is so important for me to preserve and not replace good friendship. You do not want to nor feel that it is in the way. We go through different phases in life and that you don’t talk and meet as often as it once did does not need to be something negative. It is when the Friendship goes on to be more familiar as the friends become more like family. Then you are Safe 😀 !


There is a girl who I have known for several years and she has got a really nice new friend. I am so happy for both of their sakes for they are really there for each other and I’m really happy for me Friend. The new friend makes her feel good, and they have really found each other. This has made me and my friend talking less but we are like family and have gone through a lot together. We have what they call a long history with us.


This is very positive and I have been able to give my other friends more time. So, thought really not to be selfish in this situation for it will not be good. I am a real expert human being, so of course it felt empty in the beginning but not because of bad friendship, but only an adjustment for how much you heard of the talking. It goes in waves and I am so Proud of my friend she is really quite wonderful. Anyone who says otherwise does NOT know the person do NOT Know !


Take care of each other Iam sending you all my LOVE  😀


Many hugs from MinikeGirl   😀


 My Music on Spotify 10 songs listen here 🙂  :



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Lots Of Clothes

Youtube HIt went well with the structure up there that I had to do yesterday. Have not very much left now, so it feels the top. First, there will be coffee so it is easier to cope with it as I have meant to do today. Also keep on with new music and it feels really funny as usual.

I cant wait until I have taken it where the workout I want done. But I will wait a couple of days. It does not mean that you have to be completely still for it. I have lots of clothes which I will sort as you do something. I have the my so-called step still every day  😀 …

Saw clearly on a really good series yesterday as I have seen now in 2 seasons. Really like when I can find the series that I really get stuck. I have never thought it was so interesting with just the movie and series in the past. But there have been more such series that I am interested in now in recent years. Even when it comes to movies because it feels like it has opened some new doors in this which I think is very gratifying.

What is the thing with me is not that I sit still when I look at the film and series. I had time for a lot of other things. So it’s not that I just sit and look at the computer 🙂 … Its relaxing time for me. I stop the movie and series many times 🙂 ..  Cant sit still  😀 

What are your favorite movies and series ?

Have the Best my Lovely Readers  😀 

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😀 

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My Microsoft System Developer

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Youtube H

For that I’ll keep up with it that I need and want to catch up with so I have hired a personal WEBMASTER he has a real good education and I could not have chosen any better person. It is important that it is someone that you really trust and who also are online almost 24/7.

I know that this person does not get the free games and are starting to change things but he will always check with me what we should do. Really good at wordpress so this will be good I feel. 


Welcome WEBMASTER/ Microsoft System Developer to MinikeGirl Music I hope that you will Enjoy this Journey 🙂


It will be fun to learn more about how wordpress works with all of its settings. I have become very much more interested in stuff like this in recent years. But since I have so much on the net so do I need to unload.


I am excited and have much to learn from how to work online. But I have also learned a lot. It takes very much time and you need to have good patience. It is also about surrounding yourself with the right people. The people who actual understand how important this is for me. It’s like having a company this with my music and with my blog. Everything that I do online. Then I write my own music and need the time.


There has been a lot now on the latest with the most and yesterday, a person close to the family died 🙁 . This friend has always been there as long as I can remember.   Always Missed never forgotten Rest in Peace …


Today, I’m structuring it as not been done properly now when there has been a lot. So it’s a bit of cleaning and laundry that is already running. It is also a part that I have to structure up in my binders. Then I’ll sort the clothes. Tend to use the weekends to do all of this for it is much nicer to live in and come home to a structured home when you have worked.


So now it is time for me to continue this    ..

Have the Best My Wonderful Listeners  😀


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😀 ….


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Which one of my songs do you think is the best ?


It worked for the full regarding my music right now. Despite the fact that I’m not really healthy, and deliberately pulled it down a little bit on the tempo regarding Everything. Iam still working on my music and my blog is something that I can work with now when I’m waiting on blood test response regarding my thyroid and that I purposely rushes down a bit.


The fact is not  really what it is that makes that you are sick, you have to slow down a bit and wait for yourself. But I have to be active in my creativity because that is what keeps me alive. But before I got back my blood tests answers so awaiting I both with regular work and to train. You may solve it in the best way simply.


Also have some new exciting projects going on within the music which will be fun to let you take part of when the songs are ready. I also work very diligently on to get a really good person in his genre to begin blogging here at the trying trying 🙂 . But all do as they wish, but I would think that it would be so much fun. So we’ll see and hope so clearly.


Here are my 10 songs total that are available to listen on Spotify, and a thousand thanks to all who listen. I have more songs at the time, they will also be up on spotify when they are ready :

Which of my songs do you think is the best ?


Please comment which on it is and why you like it 🙂 …..


See you soon again 🙂

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂

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My Birthday Today :)

IMG_3522 Today I fill in the year and will of course be really happy and touched by all the happy greetings I get. You’re Wonderful! my finest listeners, and readers. I have thanks to you been able to got this blog to reach new heights and I have thanks to you listeners been able to express myself in my music exactly how I want. I do as I want anyway but I have really gotten your full support in my creativity.

I have never expected of someone to like my blog or my music, so everything feels so wonderfully surreal. This is really a good bonus regarding my creativity. Because I can’t work full-time so this gives also an extra pound a month. This peng I use frequently to make more music and continue exactly as I do.

There are people who think that I get stuck in my creativity and that it is not a safe bet to get somewhere. But I’ve already taken me all the way here and when I sit at the computer so I am thinking very long term. Everything I think of is that I promised my son a real big gift in the future. It is the biggest goal with all of this. The future of my son. 

I am always on the road and I’m never still not even when I sleep. Like that Danny Saucedo described everything so well in a tv interview the other day. He put really word that very much, I find it difficult to describe. Was really interested in a nice way, and I really admire his courage to be able to sit and tell you about such deep things in the tv. I admire the many who have the strength to be able to do it. So Thank you Danny Saucedo for being so impressive inspiring brave. You will be a great dad in the future and I wish all the best to both you and Finest of the, Molly 🙂 


Here is Danny Saucedo’s interview in Swedish : 

Have the Best of it My Good Readers Love You 🙂

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl :)….

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My 2 New Songs now on Soundcloud :)

Lithium Doctor

Hey now, I have also put out my 2 new releases on Soundcloud. It takes some time when I am sitting and messing around with everything by myself 🙂  ……


Spiritual Tears

My 10 songs on Soundcloud :

It is nice to be able to sit and work from home and it is important to have good order. I have more or less created a small office with some plants. It comes with everything you agree on with, but I think I have fixed it good. 

Now the coming days I will continue with my music making. It will be really interesting to see where I land this time. Regarding the 2 new songs I have also tried to make the covers yourself, and you are really satisfied with the results. I’m also really happy when a friend help me with the design/covers in the past.

I think it is very good for me to be able to make the wrappers yourself also it is important to just be able to make a cover without having the help of others. In my process to create music, and so is the thought from the beginning that I should be able to take care of it most of the time.


Nice Listening To My Best Friends

Many hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂 ………


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