IMG_3522 It has been an absolutely wonderful day at my work despite the fact that there was not much sleep for me last night. Just when I need several hours sometimes to unwind and able to sleep were disturbed by the fire alarm which howled so loudly that I was more than wide awake. It is really important with fire, and it’s good that they alert you when they have a bad battery.This was very high just and about 100 times higher than usual. This then makes it a Little hard to sleep after that and I went up and ate pasta and cheese to be tired 🙂 ….

 Has 2 new songs on the way out right now to be released and it is really fun 🙂 ….With these 2 new songs and with my other so I will have 10 pieces of my songs out there. It feels absolutely incredible while I am very goal-oriented force in to accelerate in good pac 🙂  ……

 Many people wonder how I get all of my songs and how I will on all the blog posts I write. It is not for me to take any role that you want to read about or hear music from. The point is that it is me that you see and hear. I can stand for everything you read and hear through my music. I think it will be so fun to release my 2 new songs soon, so keep your eyes open 🙂  ……


 Now I’m going to take and continue to work on several of my songs, but first it will be a good sleep in the night. So I drive again tomorrow.


Have the Best My Wonderful Best Listeners and Readers 🙂


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂  …


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New Look On The Blog


I really love to sit in the window it is so peaceful. It is also symbolic that I am chosen to have this image as the main focus on my blog. I live very differently than what I have done in the past, and the picture symbolizes is that I somehow have found my purpose. Was looking for years for who I was and I tried to escape from myself many times. This picture shows what I discovered and found on my trip. My internal forces.
The photographer who took the card is a wonderful woman with a very big heart. A childhood friend of mine that has a private photo studio. She is doing an excellent work with their abilities. She is very relaxed and quiet which makes it easier for me who is so frisky and can have a hard time to focus me. I am not used to stand in front of the camera at all when it comes to both music recordings and photo. It was a real successful photo shoot and I have never in my life liked to take so many photos that are taken of me. So it feels very historically.
I can really recommend my Friend Photographer Malin Thorbjörn :
It was really fun to change a little bit here on my blog it feels new and fresh. Hope you guys like it.
Have the best my wonderful listeners, and readers …….
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl IMG_3522  😛 ……..


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Soon Back To Reality


I really need to get started now with my workout but I have to wait a couple of days before I
give me on it again because I have been ill recently. It usually feels much better in body and soul
when I made that first training session after I have been sick. It has a lot with getting the body
again. Now it feels like I’m in a kind of daze and tiredness is much more significant. It is just like


I’ll be running with the training and myself again in all the cases and it feels absolutely
wonderful to give me just one more week so I am back. I need time to get to do a minor reboot.
When I get sick, even the psyche of affected part so it takes longer for me to recover myself.
Luckily I know about this because it makes everything much easier. Give me just TIME 🙂  
Feel me that it will be a good week to come. Soon as I’m off on a little adventure to be able to broaden my horizons in my blogging and in my music making. On Tuesday,  adventure which also has my music and blog to do. Now when I intend to add more time to all of this so I think it is fun to expand and build on it as I have today. I also need to buy a computer eventually.
One day at a time is it when one strives to achieve its both short-term and long-term goals. I have the most long-term goals that I am very focused on achieving. At the same time as I reach the short term goals that I strive for. In this way, it becomes a good circle of all things, and I developed in my personal development as well as in my creativity.
Have a Nice Sunday to All My Wonderful Listeners 🙂 …
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂     
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Popcorn Is Broken :)

16-11-12-19-23-24-528_deco.jpg  Have a pretty quiet evening here and preparing me for the week. I’m still a bit worn out after I had been sick so it is a good idea to be extra afraid. But it is a little difficult to be still for me so it feels good to be better.

I would cuddle it and eat popcorn with dip but it’s difficult when most of the popcorn is broken. So I have to find something else. You can only guess how many broken it is 🙂   hihihihi 🙂 …


Think it has been good for me to blog at, and I’m super happy that I dared to start blogging in English. Many  people wanted me to do it for a long time but I had to feel for it In my heart.

Here I will blog about my musical journey the most but also on other everyday events. There will be periods of time when I blog more and periods when I will be completely inside of my music making. Then you will of course hear everything anyway 🙂 ….I blog quite much so you will probably not notice much of a difference. But I notice big differences when I am running and when I’m not running it can distinguish between many posts 🙂 ..

You may have it so good, my Fine Listeners and readers. Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂 …

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High Life

20170123_072819.jpgWhen you work with your blog and the computer begins to burn. You hear this hum from the computer constantly. In several weeks time moreover, while you sit and try to get Google and Facebook in a good mood. You will blockade a few times but still run in the order you want to spread your blog. There is a lot that you can do to appear better on the net and I’ve probably only learned the beginning I Think.

Because I’m still trying to figure out a good way to get my blog to appear so this one feels really exciting. It is not the one that takes you up the leaderboards that are of interest, but it is what broadens your horizons the most. It is interesting to choose different social media to be seen at. I am also studying how it works with that link among themselves.


 Where does a visitor go after that it really has visited a page where I have my music on?


Of course, I want my visitors to choose to move on to one of my other places here on the net. It is an eternal fight this but I have in all cases a common thread that I follow. As soon as I shall tie up the bag so it pops up new social media are so clear and then, I obviously want to develop and find the good way. It goes very up and down and all social media works not so good linkbetween the two. I’m trying to figure out which social media work best for linking my blog and my music best.


Do not be afraid to make use of the social media sites available. It is a real treasure trove only you have the strength to work with them.


Have it the Best My Listeners 🙂


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IMG_20160329_194044  Today, I’ve worked in psychiatry and tomorrow  I’ll be working with my music. I’m working on the next new song, so it feels really fun. So it’s soon time to sleep here, for me. This week I have trained, worked on my work and made music. When I have worked with the music tomorrow  I’ll try to rest 🙂 ……

I need a lot of rest when I’m working on so many things. Sleep is extremely important both to cope and to be able to be so effective. I feel the best when I have many projects running and when I can balance them well. I am very purposeful and structured and it will be even more when I see that I achieve the goals that I have. It is important for me to have an outlet for my feelings in all my projects. I love to be creative and free.

It happens that I need to sleep about 14 hours at a stretch sometimes, and when I do it. Many people find that when should I take it a bit slower when I work as I do. But I often have only about 3-4 hours then I can be most focused and structured in one day. It has taught me that when I am spirited so is it just to run. It has taught me to try to figure out in advance when I will be most alert in the day and when it is the right time for an activity.

Many think that you should not reflect too much when you are tired but I don’t have time to wait it out myself all the time. I needed to reflect lots to be able to be who I am today and doing what I’m doing. Otherwise I feel imprisoned in myself. A good planning allows me to live and do what I want to do and I get it as I want to get done finished.

 Hope you have a nice weekend my lovely listeners 🙂

Sleep Well  and Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs  MinikeGirl 🙂


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