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It is big fun to have such good feedback on my Music because I have worked so much to finally be able to show who I am as a songwriter and singer. I have often been receiving many nasty comments regarding my music and also in terms of my blog. This of people who have been the envy and of the people who honestly don’t like it as I do.

All people have the right to think what they want, and I have learned to distinguish between what is criticism from people who want to help and the criticism comes from jealous people. It is important to be able to take negative criticism to get better but it is also important to listen to yourself. Trust that what you are doing is great.

But I am free and safe in the music and in my blogging so it is something that I will always hold on to. Have a lot of Exciting Music going on right now and it feels absolutely wonderful 🙂 ..
You want more from me and it will come to you as soon as its clearly 🙂 . Many hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂
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Radiostations About My Music





 Folllow Radio plays 5 of my songs 🙂

At they are playing my Music and that feels really Nice to hear all this Lovely Words about my Music 🙂 ……..

Here are the stations that plays my Music :









I also got to be one all that were Noominiees to 2016 Golden KayaK Noominees  🙂 with my song My Friend :

There are new songs on the way and I look forward to be able to make you hear them as they are ready.
Have the Best of My Best Listeners 🙂 …..

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂

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IMG_20160329_194044Now have I sat down and structured my paper regarding my music. I have a song, as soon as is finished in the studio and ready to be released. Then I have 2 songs that are in the studio as it is done in the backgrounds. It’s another 7 songs that I am working with that will be sent to the studio. 4 of them are ready to do the backgrounds to the I’ll just present them for musikstudion. 3 pieces of songs should I put myself down and hone in on before they are sent to the studio.

There are a total of 10 songs that is being worked with right now, so it feels wonderful. 



It is exactly here that I want to work with several tracks at the same time. Now when I have structured it as far as my music making so there is more to it. My music now playing online at several different places and I’ll work out a good way so that it is possible to get a good structure in each of my songs is played. Then, I make it easier for me to be able to make sure that all my future songs will with all the different places.

There is a lot of work to structure everything, but it is important to do this. Otherwise, if you sit on the several years with lots of paper work. It is something that I will try to avoid at all costs. I also have this fine blog that I’m working with which is really fun. I also think that it is important to have good order on the blog. There have been many late nights when I sat and worked with my music and with my blog.


It is a privilege to work with the one that I love to work with and it makes me very happy. I am extremely grateful that I can finally do it as I do in the day. Big Thank you to You All who Believe in Me and who follow me on my journey through this life.


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IMG_20160329_194044  Today, I’ve worked in psychiatry and tomorrow  I’ll be working with my music. I’m working on the next new song, so it feels really fun. So it’s soon time to sleep here, for me. This week I have trained, worked on my work and made music. When I have worked with the music tomorrow  I’ll try to rest 🙂 ……

I need a lot of rest when I’m working on so many things. Sleep is extremely important both to cope and to be able to be so effective. I feel the best when I have many projects running and when I can balance them well. I am very purposeful and structured and it will be even more when I see that I achieve the goals that I have. It is important for me to have an outlet for my feelings in all my projects. I love to be creative and free.

It happens that I need to sleep about 14 hours at a stretch sometimes, and when I do it. Many people find that when should I take it a bit slower when I work as I do. But I often have only about 3-4 hours then I can be most focused and structured in one day. It has taught me that when I am spirited so is it just to run. It has taught me to try to figure out in advance when I will be most alert in the day and when it is the right time for an activity.

Many think that you should not reflect too much when you are tired but I don’t have time to wait it out myself all the time. I needed to reflect lots to be able to be who I am today and doing what I’m doing. Otherwise I feel imprisoned in myself. A good planning allows me to live and do what I want to do and I get it as I want to get done finished.

 Hope you have a nice weekend my lovely listeners 🙂

Sleep Well  and Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs  MinikeGirl 🙂


My Soundcloud :

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Working With My Blog

Today , I work with my blog. Its important to ensure that you have time with it as you want. I had some work left to do. But now I´ve caught up with my own Writing , so it feels the top. There is much that you need to work with that may not many Think of. Many may Think that it is just to write and post so its clear. But its not really so it is when I work.

It has taken me many years to become more versed in all of this with how to do for to be seen on the network but now I have finally started to see the results of my work. It made it not easier when I change my blog name and bloggportal in the beginning. Then you get to start over with  all the work. Today I have done the work so I got it to become a very good balance.

I have a lot to work with in the future but for now i can focus completely on my future works. When I will be finish with this post its only this post I have to work with. I dont have to sit with all the posts i´ve ever written 🙂 .


I am not a person who can work full time on a ”normal work” so I have been forced to find other ways in order to get Everything to work. My blog and my Music has finally begun to give me that Little extra. That Little extra that my son and I need to have a good Life. Where  I, as a single mother may feel that despite the fact that I can´t work full-time still get it to go on the right way. I feel free and very proud as a mother now that I have manage to get a very good balance of Everything.

I have defied all of the people that not believed me and just thought that what I do is fuzzy and not of value. I have defied and fought the most against myself, when I many times been close to not work at all. I am and will always be my worst and best opponents, but my biggest motivator is my son. My strong point is my son so I don’t need to escape anymore.

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂 ….


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Nice weekend all my Lovely listeners and readers. Today , I sit and work with my Music and with a lot of other things that should be done now In January.

Preparing how my future songs should be and try to have a good structure in my work.

I will be blogging more this year for this is really something I Love to do. Its my living diary and the is a very Good Place. It feels quickly at home here and I really recommend to start blogging on.


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂 ……

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